Picture of the Pelonis Electric Radiator Heater HO-0250H, front view.

Pelonis Whole Room Heater HO-0250H Review

We bought the Pelonis whole room heater, model HO-0250H to warm the living room in our ground level apartment.  This heater for bedroom and living room costs little at $37.99 on sale at Walmart. Yet it works on par with most other 1500 watt portable heaters we’ve tested.

The Pelonis HO-0250H gives a slowly-rising, silent, gentle warming, and rolls around easily on its sturdy plastic casters. So you can move it to those really drafty, chilly areas as needed.  Plus, the heating element and parts are enclosed, there’s almost no chance of oil spillage, shock, or severe burns.  It features widely spaced casters that remove tip-over hazards.  Further, even it it would fall over, this Pelonis™ model has a tip-over switch. This switch shuts off the heater should it fall.

Picture of the Pelonis Electric Radiator Heater HO-0250H, front view.
Pelonis whole room eater HO-0250H, front view.

This Pelonis™ heater model has a low-profile, thin and tall design.  So it well fits into corners, between furniture pieces, under most windows.  Plus, it works well in bathrooms with ground fault interrupt outlets.  It blasts most of its heat upwards. This cuts the dangers of overheating walls, furniture, and people sitting near it.  Follow the safe-operating instructions in the included users guide for safe placement tips.

Benefits, Pros, Advantages, and Features of the Pelonis HO-0250H Pelonis Whole Room Heater 

Energy Saving

Heats up a single, large room. This lets you turn down the main furnace, and heat more of just the areas you wish.

Simple Setup

Four wing nuts attach the two sets of two wheel casters each to the underside of the unit.  Do not run this heater without putting on these pieces first.

The Pelonis Whole Room Heater has Oil Inside

The oil inside submerges the heating element, for even heat distribution throughout the convective fins.

Three Power Levels

Choose either 600, 900, and 1500 watt heating power levels . Use the the four position power choice switch on the control panel to do this.

Thermostat Built Into this Pelonis Whole Room Heater

An adjustable thermostat maintains room temperature to within a few degrees of the set point.

Overheating Protection

This electric oil heater includes sensors that automatically shut off power to the heating elements, should an over-temperature condition arise.

Safety Tip Twitch

Cuts power to the heater if the heater falls over (is not standing straight up).

Pilot Lamp

The orange neon pilot lamp glows whenever the heater is running.

Caution Lamp

This lamp illuminates if the heater becomes overheated.

The Pelonis Whole Room Heater is Easy to Use

The control panel has two control switches.

  • An OFF, LOW, MEDIUM, HIGH power switch.
  • A knob-style thermostat.
  • Two lamps (the power pilot lamp and the Caution lamp).

Carrying Handle

Find this pull-along handle near the top of the front panel. The handle supports easy rolling of the heater to new spots, even when it’s running.

Long Lasting Power Cord

They kept this cable short enough to reduce tripping hazards. Yet it’s long enough to reach from the heater to most nearby wall outlets.  Thus, so as not to defeat the purpose of the short cord, avoid extension cords.  Plug this heater only into an tight fitting wall outlet.  Avoid outlets where the plug fits loosely or falls out.

This Pelonis Whole Room Heater has a Cord Keeper

A circular power cord holder appears at the bottom of the front (control) panel.  Wrap the cord around this roll when not using the heater.

Polarized AC Plug

This gives more protection against electric shock.  Further, this heater has a two-prong plug.  So you need no three-to-two prong adapters to plug into two hole outlets.

Plastic and Painted Parts

These non-metallic knobs and coatings on the heating fins help reduce risks of severe burns and electrical shock.

This Pelonis Whole Room Heater is Quiet

The unit makes little noise, except for the now-and-then snaps, cracks, clicks, and pops as it heats.  But once warm, these sounds pretty much stop. Then all that you might hear, is the clicking thermostat, switching the heater on and off.

Typical Power Draw for Portable Heaters

This Pelonis™ radiator operates from standard 120 volts AC, and draws 12.5 amps maximum.  So it can operate from branch circuits rated at 15 amps or more.

This Pelonis Whole Room Heater is Safe for Bedrooms

This heater is safe for where people sleep.  Why?  Because it gives off no fumes since it runs on electricity, not natural or propane gas.

ETL and RoHS Compliant

These standards promote ease of use and enhanced safety of the heater.

Low Cost to Buy

We bought our Pelonis whole room heater for under $50.

One Year Limited Warranty on this Pelonis Whole Room Heater

For warranty service, contact the following: Telephone: 1-866-646-4332; Email: customersupport@mideaamericacorp.com Address: Midea America Corporation; Customer Care Center; 11800 NW100th Road, Suite 4; Medley, FL 33178

Picture of the Pelonis Electric Radiator Heater HO-0250H, right side view.
Pelonis HO-0250H whole room heater, right side view.

Disadvantages, Cons, Problems, Limitations, and Concerns of the Pelonis HO-0250H Whole Room Heater 


We carried one of these in our suit case on a 100-mile train ride.  Yep.  Heavy.

Can Burn You

The outer surfaces of this space heater become way too hot to touch.  So, avoid direct contact with skin during operation; especially when operating at full (1500 watt) power output.

Long Heat-Up Time

By no means instant heat.  This bedroom heater takes ten to twenty minutes to put out its max heat. Why? Because the oil inside and the metal outside takes a while to warm up.

This Whole Room Heater by Pelonis Clicks, Pops, and Snaps

For those sensitive to noises in the bedroom, this whole room heater indeed clicks as the t-stat switches.  But we found these clicks a non issue.  Yet some readers might not be as forgiving. So turn the thermostat fully left and fully right before you buy to hear what it sounds like.  Unless the store you’re in is very cold, this will make the thermostat click. That way, you can hear how loud this clicking is.

Strong Smells when New

We noticed a strong paint / plastic smell for the first week after putting the heater into service.  But with repeated use, this odor went away over time.  In fact, to avoid the strongest of these smells, we “burned in” the heater outdoors on our patio. We did this in a dry spot for several hours, before running it inside for the first time. Outdoor burn-in dried up any still-damp paint and coatings on this heater.

Our Rating on the Pelonis HO-0250H Whole Room Heater

This electric whole room heater very well heated our apartment along with the primary heating system there.  It outputs 5200 BTUs when set to 1500 watts output. This is enough heat for small to medium-sized rooms with decently insulated walls and windows.  For more drafty places though, you may need two or more of these.  You can easily move it around via its pulling handle, without fear of burning your hands.

Furthermore, we found the Pelonis™ simple to clean.  When it’s cold, just wipe around and between the fins every month or two. This removes dust and reduces start-up odors in the fall.  We liked how affordable this heater was and how simple it was to assemble and run.  So, we’d rate it at 95 out of 100.  It’s a high-quality, useful appliance.

Picture of the Pelonis Electric Radiator HO-0250H control panel.
Pelonis HO-0250H whole room heater control panel.

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