Picture of the RavPower 24W dual USB wall charger, showing its specs label side.

RAVPower 24w Wall Charger Review, USB, Dual Port

The RavPower USB dual port 24w wall charger is among the cheapest USB adapters we’ve seen. Yet it offers workability with USB 3.0 devices and max charging speeds for USB 2.0 and earlier devices.  It has well isolated ports, foldable 120 volt plug prongs. Plus, the charger features highly reliable operation, which is perhaps its greatest claim to fame.

This charger is priced low, and has high quality USB wall power output.  Has PowerIQ and VoltageBoost technology, for fastest charging of most any USB mobile device. At under $11 per unit, this RavPower AC USB charge can recharge even the highest demand tablets and phones.  Plus, it does so as quickly, or even faster than the stock wall chargers that come with these devices. It’s got some awesome push.

The RavPower home charger can replace just about any stock USB 2.0 charger, without giving up any performance. It runs cool to the touch.  Besides, it runs with complete silence.  It’s easy to find in the dark with its gray-white pilot lamp.  Plus, it offers iSmart technology, described further below.

Each port offers the fastest recharging of any connected mobile device. Yet it costs less than half the price of many stock USB chargers.  These include those shipped with Amazon, Samsung, and Apple mobile devices. We use ours nearly daily, and it quickly charges our Kindle Fire, Apple iPad Air, and Samsung tablets. It’s also an excellent charging accessory for the JBL Flip waterproof speakers.  Quite pleased with it.

Picture of the RavPower USB dual port 24w wall charger, showing its USB port side.
RavPower USB dual port 24w wall charger, showing its USB port side.

Physical Features of this RavPower USB Dual Port 24w Wall Charger

Lightweight yet Rugged Build

Holding the RavPower smart charger in your hand inspires confidence that it won’t easily break when dropped or stepped on.

Visible Lamp in USB Ports

Find this near the USB ports.  The lighted ports are not bright enough to use as a night light.  But they glow plenty bright for finding the charger in dark rooms.

Two USB Ports (Dual Output Ports)

You get two high-current USB ports.

Foldable AC Prongs

The AC prongs on this USB charger fold into slots in the rugged white plastic case. This protects them from bending and damage.  It also makes for simple storage of the charger.

Just Right Size

The case is large enough to grasp easily.  Yet it’s not so big that it covers the second receptacle in a 2-receptacle outlet. Compact design, for sure, but nor is the iClever charger too small to for handling with certainty.


This dual port RavPower USB charger can be easily tucked into a suitcase among clothes.  Or, stick it in a briefcase.  Worry not of damaging the mains prongs, so long as you fold them before packing.  Yes, these prongs retract into the charger body when not using or moving it.

Plugs Into Standard AC Wall Outlet

Input is 100-240 volts AC at 50-60Hz. Output is 5 volts DC, at 4.8 amps max.

Runs Very Cool, Little Warmth

This RavPower smart USB charger gets a little warm while charging. But never does it get too hot to touch. When charging smaller mobile devices such as iPhones and portable media players, this power adapter barely warms.

Picture of the Charger's retractable AC prongs side.
The charger’s retractable AC prongs side.

Benefits, Pros, Features, and Advantages of this RavPower USB Dual Port 24w Wall Charger

Easy to Unfold the AC Prongs

Extending the 120-volt prongs takes little effort.

High Current, but Cheap Price

You can buy the RavPower USB Charger for less than $12 online.

Quiet Operation

No buzzing, humming, whistling.  You might hear only very small frying sounds while the RavPower is recharging a device.

Low RFI and EMI from the RAVPower 24w Wall Charger

We heard little if any radio frequency interference (RFI) to AM and FM radio.

iSmart Technologies

Each USB port senses what the best charging current will be for each device you plug into it.  Then, it adjusts itself accordingly, to give that ideal current value. So, no matter what USB device you connect, you’ll get the fullest charge in the fastest time.

Both Ports Each Deliver Full Power

Since both ports give the full 2.4 Amp USB current (12 watts apiece), they’ll charge ANY USB 2.0 device.  So don’t worry over which port to charge your device from.  In fact, we often charge our Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro SM-T900 (a very large tablet).  It charges well with this dual port charger.  Further we charge this high current tablet along with other devices too. Both devices charge quickly.  One never slows down the other’s charging.  We’ve also successfully recharged iPads, iPods, numerous smart phones, and Kindle Fire HDX tablets with this RavPower charger.

Good Power Output Quality

Voltage regulation seems quite good over the entire range of drawn currents. Holds very steady at 5 volts output throughout the recharge cycle.

The RAVPower 24w Wall Charger Has a Switch Mode Power Supply 

Switching power supply tech makes this charger quite small and feather light.  Yet it can give out the hefty current needed to power today’s most demanding USB mobile devices.

Over-Current and Over-Voltage Protection

The power circuits shut down if the RavPower detects a short circuit in the device or the USB charge cable.

Limited but Long 18-Month Warranty

Unusually long warranty for charger adapters like this one.

Picture of the JBL Flip 4 wireless speaker, charging from a RavPower USB AC charger.
JBL Flip 4 wireless speaker, charging from a RavPower USB AC charger.

Problems, Cons, Disadvantages, and Limitations of this RavPower USB Dual Port 24w Wall Charger

Indoor Use Only

No USB Power Cables Included

Indeed, not all USB charge cables carry the max current from this 2-port charger. So you must use high-current cables to get the quickest charging. It would help thus, if this adapter included a high current USB cable.  Say a high power micro USB or lightning charge cable. But given the low price of this charger, we don’t mind buying our own cables.

Easily Lost

This RavPower USB charger is so small, that you might lose it.  So take care.  Do not forget where you leave it.

Our Rating for the RAVPower 24w Wall Charger

Charging devices nearly every night with the RavPower dual USB charger, has never disappointed us. Devices always charged quickly and fully, and lasted the full time per charge, as documented in their owners manuals. We’re thrilled with how well this wall charger performs, while costing so little. Thanks to this, we never order stock charger replacements for our mobile devices anymore. This is a well-designed and well-constructed USB appliance, and so, we’d rate it at 98 out of 100.

Picture of a micro USB cable plugged into one of the charger's dual USB ports.
A micro USB cable plugged into one of this charger’s dual USB ports.

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