Picture of the charging Sony SRS XB23 speaker.

Sony SRS XB23 Specs

Here, we list Sony SRS XB23 Extra Bass Bluetooth speaker specs.  Firstly, these data cover the unit’s length, width, weight, battery recharge time, output power, and music play time per charge.  We also include the frequency response, driver size, Bluetooth support details et al.

Secondly, it’s clear from the published specs, that the Sony SRS XB23 released in July of 2020, sounds pretty good for its size. E.g. It plays loud enough for small parties on patios, swimming pools, et al, with its roughly eight (8) watts RMS of total audio power.

Plus, even at loudest volume, the lithium ion battery can last from three (3) to twelve (12) hours per recharge depending on the light setting, surrounding temperature, and program content.  Indeed, the specs certainly do not mislead as to the great features Sony put into this IPX7 water resistant Bluetooth speaker.

Picture of an iPhone with a Sony SRS XB23 speaker.
An iPhone with a Sony SRS XB23 speaker.

Sony SRS XB23 Specs

    • Firstly, the speaker height: 218 mm or 8.575 inches.
    • Diameter: 76 mm or 3.0 inches.
    • Weight: 580 grams, or 21 ounces.
    • Wireless Communication Methods: Bluetooth.
    • Additionally, the Bluetooth Transmitter Frequency Range: 2.4 to 2.4835 Ghz.
    • Max Communications Range: 10 M. or 30 Ft.
    • The Bluetooth version: 5.0.
    • Modulation method: FHSS.
    • Supported Codecs: SBC, AAC, and LDAC.
    • Audio Frequency Transmission Range: 20 – 20,000 Hz.
    • Microphone Frequency Response: 100 – 7,000 Hz.
    • Sampling Frequency: 44,100 Hz.
    • Profiles supported: A2DP / AVRCP / HFP / HSP.
    • Music playing time: Up to 12 hours (varies by volume setting, temperature, and program content).
    • Transducer: 42 mm X 51 mm (1.65 inches X 2.01 inches) X 2 with passive radiator enclosure.
    • Audio Output Power (RMS): 4 watts per channel, 8 watts total RMS. *
    • IPX7 waterproof.
    • Recommended charger: 5 volts @ 1.5 amps, USB-C.
    • The battery charge time: 4.0 hours.
    • Lastly, the AC Adapter (suggested specs): USB 5 volts, 1.5 amp, 7.5 watts out.

* = Estimated.

Front view of the Sony SRS XB23 speaker, standing up.
Sony SRS XB23 speaker standing up, front view.

SRS XB23 Features

    • Firstly, this speaker features Extra Bass technology.
    • Next, the speaker type is: Full Range, Stereo.
    • Plus, the unit has a high quality electret condenser microphone for speakerphone use.
    • This speaker is water and dust resistant.
    • Furthermore, this unit has a long lasting cloth grill.
    • Charging is done via the included USB-C cable.
    • Standby function.
    • Auto power OFF.
    • This speaker also has a stereo pairing function to set up two of these in a stereo pair.
    • Party connect function.
    • User updatable firmware.
    • Lastly, this speaker needs no app to access all its features.

SRS XB23 Colors

Additionally, this particular Sony speaker you can get in 5 different standard colors that we know of.  It comes in

    1. Black,
    2. green,
    3. blue,
    4. gray,
    5. orange.

SRS XB23 Price

Finally, as of this writing, you can find the XB23 for between $94.00 (used) and $109.00 (new).  The average price appears to be around $100.00 US.

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