Picture of the orange glowing STAMINA light on the Sony SRS XB43 speaker.

What Is Stamina Mode on Sony Speaker

This post answers the question: What Is Stamina Mode on a Sony Speaker ?

Stamina mode is a power saving measure that we find on many Sony speaker models, that extends the play time per charge.  It does this by limiting how loud the bass response is.  STAMINA mode can double the battery life per recharge in some circumstances, and this comes in very handy if you see that your battery is nearly dead but that you’d like to play music for a couple more hours.

Normally, the Live and Stamina modes are both off, and Extra Bass mode is ON by default on Sony speakers that have them.  In this case, neither the STAMINA nor LIVE lights glow.

When STAMINA mode is not active, the sound appears to imitate a flat response but with a bit of extra bass.

Finally, Stamina mode seems to bring up the midrange and cut back on the deep bass and high treble sounds.

What Stamina Mode on the Sony Speaker Is, and How to Use It

On out example speaker here, the  LIVE  button toggles  STAMINA  mode ON and OFF.

Picture of the LIVE button on the Sony SRS XB33 speaker.
The Sony SRS XB33 speaker LIVE button.

Now normally, neither of these modes are active by default.  You know they’re not active when you see neither LED lamp glowing.

To turn on STAMINA mode, with the speaker running, press and hold the LIVE button for two seconds.  You’ll then see the STAMINA lamp light up orange.  Plus, if you’re playing something through the speaker, the sound will lose some bass and a bit of overall volume.

Picture of the orange glowing STAMINA lamp on the Sony SRS XB33.
The orange glowing STAMINA light on the Sony SRS XB33.

To deactivate STAMINA mode, again, press the LIVE button and release when the STAMINA lamp goes dark.  Takes around two seconds, and then the sound output returns to normal. Note that STAMINA mode does not deactivate the party lights on these speakers.  So to get additional battery savings in addition to STAMINA, turn the lights off yourself with the LIGHT or LIGHT-BATT button depending on your Sony speaker model.

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