Front left view of the JBL Charge 5 BT speaker.

How Do I Know When My JBL Charge 5 Is Fully Charged

To answer the question: How Do I Know When My JBL Charge 5 Is Fully Charged ?

    1. First, check that your USB charger is big enough to do the job. Details below.
    2. Next, check all connections for trueness. So Connect the black USB-C cable that comes with the speaker between the Charge 5 and charger.
    3. Make sure your cord can carry enough current. Too thin a cable will not get you to fully charged state the shortest time.
    4. Check that your charger is warming a bit during charging. Indeed a warming charger precedes a fully charged speaker.  So if the adapter does not warm, then the Charge 5 will likely not fully charge.
    5. Finally after four to five hours, your speaker should fully charge if all the above conditions hold true.
    6. Furthermore, the charge gauge should fully glow when operating the Charge 5.
    7. Then, the Charge 5 should play for up to twenty hours roughly, before it needs another recharge. If it does not play for about this time, then perhaps you did not fully charge it. Shortened play is indeed a sign of the speaker not fully charged.
Front right view of the JBL Charge 5 Bluetooth speaker.
JBL Charge 5 Bluetooth speaker, front right view.

How Do I Know When My JBL Charge 5 Is Fully Charged: Step by Step Details

Picture of a charging cable inserted into the speaker.
A charging cable inserted into the speaker.

1. Choose Right Size Charger

The power supply you use here should be able deliver 15 watts (5 volts at 3 amps). This gives the quickest charging times. Indeed the Charge 5 may not charge fully in the shortest possible times with a charger that is too small. Plus, to avoid having to get a different cord, pick a charger with a female USB-A port. Then you can use the cord that comes with the Charge 5.

For this demo though, we use the adapter that came with this speaker. And though it doesn’t output quite the max current, the speaker still charges in about the same time.

2. Plug in the USB-C Cord to Continue with How Do I Know When My JBL Charge 5 Is Fully Charged

Insert the small end of the black USB-C charging cable into the matching port in the speaker. Of course you cannot know if the JBL Charge 5 is fully charged without connecting the cable first.

3. Plug the Other End of the Cord into the Charger

Next, connect the A end of the USB charge cable to your USB power supply of choice.

4. Plug that Charger into a Working Outlet

Then plug the charger into a working AC outlet.

At least part of the battery status gauge bar lights up on the speaker when you apply enough USB power. As charging progresses, more of this bar lights up, starting with the bottom.

The battery level meter gauge showing a full charge.
The battery level meter gauge showing a full charge.

5. Allow the Speaker to Charge Until the Battery Meter Bar Goes Out

Recharging is almost complete when all but the top of the battery gauge glows solid. That part keeps flashing though, for a few minutes more while the system tops off the charging.

After that, the cycle is complete when this gauge goes out.

6. Unplug the USB-C Charge Cable

7. Done with How Do I Know When My JBL Charge 5 Is Fully Charged !

Finally we have now fully charged our speaker. To further confirm this, check out the battery meter just after turning on the speaker afterwards. The entire meter bar should now glow. This means that the speaker now has a full charge.

Repeat this charging every twenty hours of music play, to keep its battery in top working condition. In fact, we charge ours when the battery gauge shows only one light glowing.

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