Picture of the top and front of the Sony SRS XE200 speaker.

How to Turn Off Sony XE200

We explain three ways for how to turn off the Sony XE200 portable BT speaker here.  Now most speakers have a Power button that Sony prominently places on the unit so it’s easy to locate.  Indeed, this speaker is no exception to this pattern, as we find its Power button near the bottom in the button panel. See this next.

Picture of the Power button on the Sony XE200.
The Power button on the Sony XE200.

There’s also a status lamp, just above the Power button, that glows green as long as the speaker is ON, but goes dark when you turn off the speaker.  E.g. We point out this lamp in the next picture.

Picture of the green glowing power light.
The green glowing power lamp.

This lamp glows when the speaker is ON, as seen above.

How to Turn Off Sony XE200, Step by Step

Method 1: Use Buttons on the Speaker

To power down this unit, press the Power button. Then release after a quarter second or so.  Also, you needn’t hold it in for too long for the unit to see your press and then shut itself down.

When the speaker goes off, all lamps on the unit stop glowing, except for possibly the orange CHARGE lamp.

Picture of the orange glowing CHARGE indicator light on the Sony XE200.
The orange glowing CHARGE indicator lamp on the Sony XE200.

This light continues glowing when the speaker is recharging, no matter whether the speaker itself is ON or OFF. Note that the CHARGE lamp does not indicate speaker power status. But it will stop glowing when the battery reaches full charge or you disconnect the charger from the speaker. It should not glow when the speaker is OFF and you have no charger connected.

But if pressing the Power button does not turn off the speaker, you can try resetting it.

And if that doesn’t work, you can disconnect the speaker from your charger, and let it run dead.  Then it will certainly die off. At that point, and hopefully, when you recharge it, the Power button will once again work as expected. But if not, the speaker may be defective, and so you might just have to replace it.

Method 2: Turn Off the XE200 in the Sony Music Center App

If you’ve paired the speaker with a source device that has the Sony Music Center app, you can shut down the XE200 from there as well.

1. Run the App

First, find the app on your device, and tap to start it up.

Screenshot of the Sony Music Center app icon on iPadOS.
The Sony Music Center app icon on iPadOS.

In our test, the app brings up the home page for the XE200 as follows.

Screenshot of the More button on the Sony XE200 Home screen in the Music Center app.
The More button on the Sony XE200 Home screen in the Music Center app.

2. Tap the More (…) Item

Tapping the “…” button brings up the Settings page.

Screenshot of the Power OFF option.
The Power OFF option.

3. Tap the Power Off Option

The app then asks you if you really want to shut off the speaker, as we see next.

Screenshot of the OK button on the Turn Power OFF prompt.
The OK button on the Turn Power OFF prompt.

4. Then, Tap the OK Button

Hitting OK shuts down the XE200.  The speaker makes the power-down sound, its lights go out, and the Bluetooth connection with your source device then ends.  You can restore this connection however, by simply bringing your source device close to the 300, and then powering up the speaker again.

Method 3: Just Wait for the Speaker to Time Out and Shut OFF

By default, the XE200 will shut down after fifteen (15) minutes of inactivity.  E.g. No music is playing on the speaker and no button presses in that time that would reset the timeout clock.

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