Picture of the iClever IC-TC02 Two Port USB Wall Charger, showing the label side view.

iClever IC TC02 Dual USB Wall Charger Review

The iClever  IC-TC02 charger is one of the cheapest high-current USB wall adapters we’ve seen.

At under $10 per unit, this AC USB adapter charges even the highest demand tablet computers. Plus, it does so about as quickly as the stock chargers that come with these devices; even quicker in some cases. It’s got some real muscle,  So, this product can replace almost any stock USB charger (with the exception of USB C), without sacrificing performance.

It runs cool to lukewarm even when delivering the maximum 48 watts of charge power, is virtually silent. Further, it’s easy to find in the dark with its blue luminous port face It has folding AC mains retractable prongs as well, which makes storing this unit a cinch.

Yet the  IC-TC02 costs way less than half the price of those stock USB adapters, often shipped with Apple, Samsung, and Amazon mobile devices. We use ours mostly every day.  Indeed, it quickly charges our Kindle Fire, Apple iPad Air, and Samsung tablets.  So long as you do not exceed its power rating, the IC-TC02  powers most any USB device well.

Picture of the iClever dual USB wall Charger IC-TC02 AC adapter, flat side view.
iClever dual USB wall Charger IC-TC02 AC adapter, flat side view.

iClever IC TC02 Charger Benefits, Pros, Features, and Advantages

High Current, but Cheap Price

Can be purchased for less than $9 online.

LED Lighted Ports

Though not really bright enough to double as a night light, these lighted ports plenty bright for finding this adapter in the dark.

Foldable Plug

The AC prongs fold into slots in the rugged white plastic case, protecting them from bending and damage, and making for simple storage of the charger.

The iClever IC TC02 Operates Silently

No buzzing, humming, whistling, and only very small frying sounds are heard while this is plugged in and charging a device.

Low RFI and EMI.

Little, if any, interference to AM radio was observed.

Just the Right Size

The case is large enough to grasp easily, but not so big that it covers the second receptacle in a 2-receptacle outlet. Compact design, for sure, but nor is the iClever charger too small to for handling with certainty.

SmartID Technology

Each USB port senses the optimum charging current for each device you plug in, and adjusts itself according, to provide that ideal value.  So, no matter what device you connect to the IC-TC02, you’ll get the best charge in the shortest time.

Ports on the iClever IC TC02 Charger are Electrically Equal

Since both ports are capable of delivering the full 2.4 Amp USB current, you needn’t concern yourself with which port is the correct one to use when powering particular mobile devices.  See next item for more details.

High Current USB on Both Ports at the Same Time

Provides up to 2.4 amps of USB charging current (12 watts per port. 24 watts in total). We often charge our Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro SM-T900 (very large tablet computer) with this dual port, full USB power accessory. We’ve also successfully charged iPads, iPods, numerous smart phones, and Kindle Fire HDX tablets with this nightlight / charger combo adapter.

Good Power Output Quality

Voltage regulation appears excellent over the entire range of drawn currents. Holds very steady at 5 volts output under both no-load as well as full-load conditions.

Cool Operation

This iClever wall charger warms a bit while charging. But never does it get too hot to handle.  When charging smaller mobile devices such as iPhones and portable media players, this power adapter barely heats at all.

Dual Ports on the iClever IC TC02 Wall Charger

You get two high-current USB ports.  This adapter delivers the maximum allowable current from its USB 2.0 ports.

Charges Two Maximum Current USB Devices at Once

Two full-current USB device may be charged at once, via the dual USB ports.

Switching Power Supply Technology

The light weight power supply makes this unit very compact and feather light. Yet it can deliver the hefty current needed to power today’s most demanding USB mobile devices.

Plugs into Standard Wall Outlet

Input is 100-240 volts AC at 50-60Hz, 0.6 amps. Output is 5 volts DC, at 4.8 amps max.

Limited but Generous 12-Month Warranty

Picture of the iClever IC-TC02 Dual USB Wall Charger, front view, showing the two USB ports.
iClever IC-TC02 Dual USB Wall Charger, front view, showing the two USB ports.

iClever IC TC02 Charger Problems, Cons, Disadvantages, and Limitations

No Charge Cables Included

Indeed, not all USB charge cables will carry the maximum current available via the IC-TC02.  You must use cords designated as high-current charge or high-current charge / data / sync, in order to obtain the most rapid charging from this iClever wall charger.  So, given that this current level is at present, a kind of USB specialty, it would be helpful if the adapter included a high current USB cable, say a micro USB or lightning charge cable.  However, given the low price of this charger, we certainly do not mind providing our own cables.

Indoor Use Only

Keep this charger away from moist locations and never allow rain to fall on it.

Picture of the retractable AC prongs.
Showing the folded AC prongs.

Our Rating of the iClever IC TC02 Dual USB Charger Review

Charging devices nearly every night with the IC-TC02 dual USB wall charger by iClever, has never left us in the lurch. We never woke up the next morning to find that our phones had not charged overnight.  Devices always charged quickly and fully, and lasted the full time per charge, as documented in their users guides. We’re pleased with how well this dual charger performs.  Yet it costs so little. Thanks to this unit, we never order stock charger replacements for our mobile devices anymore. This is a well-designed and well-constructed USB appliance, and so, we’d rate it at 99 out of 100.

Picture of the label side view on the charger.
The label side view on the charger.

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