Picture of the Marpac 580 sleep machine, front view.

Marpac 580 SleepMate Review

We’ve bought the  Marpac 580 SleepMate white noise sound conditioner for review.  We then ran it for a few months in the bedroom, without ill effects.  Excellent, EXCELLENT sleep aid !

The Marpac 580A SleepMate sound conditioner offers the best white noise sound of the devices tested. It has similar white noise sound  to the dual-speed SleepMate 980A, reviewed elsewhere.  We prefer the motorized 580 white noise fan over the digital units.  Like the 980A, the 580 creates a robust, pleasing white noise.   But those digital sound screens make a  “tinny” noise.  That sound lacks bass; a big part of white noise that works.

Marpac 580 SleepMate Benefits, Features, Advantages, and Pros

Masks Ambient Noise Well

The 580 blocks intruding noise well for moderately quiet environments. But with our sensitive ears, we needed more 580s.  Just one did not cover up the kinds of noise we often heard.  It best masks mid-range and high-frequency noises.

The Marpac 580 SleepMate blocks lower frequency sounds fairly well too, although this could be better.  Those so-called bumps in the night. E.g. The slamming doors. The booming television bass. The cars passing over rumble strips outside. All these noises, the 580 screens out quite well for such a small device.

Easy to Set Up

Just plug in the 580. Turn it on. Then spin the lid and sleve to shape the white noise sound.

The Marpac 580 SleepMate is Easy to Use

The 580 is simple to operate.  It sports an on-off switch.  There’s also a top disc adjustment that you can spin.  Plus, it has a side ring that turns too, separately.  These settings alter the timbre of the white noise. This feature matches the 580 to about any sleeping situation, room acoustics, types of surrounding noise, Etc.

Anti Vibration Foam Base

The Marpac 580A SleepMate comes with a foam rubber pad on the bottom. This pad isolates the 580 from the surface you set it on.  The pad reduces any humming noise from the AC motor.

No Looping Effect

Built around a real AC motor and genuine fan blades, the Marpac 580 SleepMate  creates a steady, non-looping, white noise.  The 580 produces a very solid yet non repeating sound.  But those annoying digital sleep noise machines of the 1990s differ.  They play a three or five second long sample again and gain.  Call us crazy.  But we could hear that digital looping when trying to sleep. It kept us awake for hours. This sound screen though, just puts out a gentle air-blowing noise that acts as a sort of sound-blocking curtain.

We Sleep Better with SleepMate

With that in mind, this white noise maker truly enhances sleep quality.  We wish we would have known about sound-blocking devices like this SleepMate long ago.  As young adults attending college while living in a highly noisy apartment, we could have used the 580, ALOT!  There, we would use much bigger table fans to make sufficient white noise to fall to sleep by.  These fans however, while creating a great white noise, also made chilly drafts.  But the Marpac 580 SleepMate creates most of the noise of the fan, but   none   of the draft.  Plus, it’s much smaller.

Possible Health Benefits Using the Marpac 580 SleepMate

Indeed, friends who kept the SleepMate white noise machines by their beds for two decades, like it too.   They noticed their own health improving.  Why?  Because they slept better with the Marpac 580 SleepMate, especially in urban settings.  We found it  great at screening out irritating night time noises; such as the cats thumping around, and most traffic noise outside (except for excessively noisy motorcycles).

Compact Size

The Marpac 580 SleepMateis a lot smaller than fans.  So it’s easier to find room for the 580A at the bedside.

Stays Clean and Easy to Clean

Unlike the fans that grew quite dusty over time, the 580 stays clean.  Truly, it collects little dirt, as little air moves through it.

Goes Well with Most Any Bedroom Decor

Finally, the Marpac 580 SleepMate is a light gray color. To be sure, this blends well with most any room décor.  In fact, we prefer this color to the ivory shade of the 980.

The Marpac 580 SleepMate is Affordable

There’s very little to hate about the Marpac 580 SleepMate sound conditioner.  Even the $49.99 price per unit seemed reasonable.

Picture of the Marpac 580 sleep machine, front view.
Marpac 580 SleepMate white noise machine, front view.

Marpac 580 SleepMate Disadvantages, Problems, Limitations, and Cons

At Times Not Loud Enough

The 580 is not loud enough at times for good sound screening; particularly in close quarters, where very thin walls are typical.

Does Not Mask Bassy Sounds Very Well

Further, it fails to block very low sounds well.   For example, thud style noises usually get through.  So, we suggest that Marpac design a bigger unit.  E.g. One that creates more rumble.  That then, would better cover the jolting thumps of footfalls above, door slams below, and noisy motorcycles outside.

The Marpac 580 SleepMate Has Only One Speed

Besides, the Marpac 580 SleepMate runs at just one speed.  But we like the two-speed option of the 980A to the one speed of this one.

Our Rating for the Marpac 580 SleepMate

In total then, the Marpac 580 SeepMate white noise fan is a great value. Indeed, it lacks none of the expected traits of a truly awesome sound conditioner; though perhaps some of them could improve a bit.  Nonetheless, we love this sound screen, and would thus rate it at 95 out of 100.

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