Sleep Easy Sound Machine Review

The Sleep Easy white noise fan sound screen machine  can run most every night in bedrooms and nurseries as well as throughout the day in business offices, libraries, and labs, without noticeable harm or any ill effects whatsoever either to itself, or to those people nearby hearing it.

It works well nearly anywhere you sleep that has a mains electricity outlet, to lessen the impact of sudden surrounding noises often heard in close quartered spaces. Sleepers report having used these truly fan-based white sound machines like this one for years, with substantial health improvements noted (they sleep sounder, and are consequently more healthy, alert, and energetic at work, experience improved mood, are less irritable, and can focus and concentrate more effectively). Indeed, we’ve found the Sleep Easy fan noise machine effective at, “cancelling,” or at least, covering up irritating noises such as televisions playing in nearby roms, laughing and conversations, the dogs barking and jumping from high places and thumping around, and automotive noises outside.

This Sleep Easy ™ white noise generator definitely improves sleep quality, and fits into most any room décor, with its neutral white color. Thus, it can compliment any color arrangement. We regret not knowing about these white noise sleep aids years ago, when we relied on much bigger oscillating table fans to generate enough white noise to sleep by. The fans, while creating plenty of white sound, also introduced much unwanted cool wind, drafts, and airborne dust. The Sleep Easy conditioner however, which itself contains a genuine fan, creates all the white noise but none of that pesky draft, since the fan blades are nearly completely enclosed, and small in comparison.

Benefits, Pros, Advantages, and Features of the Sleep Easy Sound Machine

The Sleep Easy Sound Machine is Simple to Work

The Sleep Easy™  has a three-position OFF, LOW, and HIGH rocker switch, a top disc adjustment that rotates, and a side ring adjustment that also turns. The latter two settings alter the tone and volume characteristics of the produced white sound to tailor the output to many sleeping scenarios, room acoustics, types of surrounding noise being blocked, and so on. You just plug in the unit, turn it on, and rotate the adjustments.

Natural Sounding White Noise

The Sleep Easy ™ sound machine offers adequate white noise sound, that compares favorably with the more expensive sound screen units we’ve tried. We favor its electro-mechanical fan sound over the more modern, digital sound conditioners because fan-based white noise makers like this one create a fuller, virtually non repetitive whirring noise, whereas some fanless models have a tinny, too soft sound that lacks sufficient low-frequency content; an essential component of effective white noise; particularly when needed to combat the lower frequency sounds of traffic and footfalls overhead.

The Sleep Easy Sound Machine has Two Speeds

It has a low speed and high speed setting built into the three-position power switch. The high speed works best for the noisiest slumber environments.

Effective Sound Screen

Block most low and medium level background noise sources.  Further, the relaxing nature of white noise lessons the annoying characteristics of disturbing sounds that you might still hear.

Creates a Restful Sleep Soundscape

The sound masking coupled with the calming effects of gently moving air set up a highly conducive zone for afternoon napping as well as night time deep sleeping.

The Sleep Easy Sound Machine is Compact

Much smaller and lighter than the fans we used before purchasing  this sleep aid. So it’s much easier to find space for it, close to the bed. Its modest size also makes the Sleep Easy™ quite portable, so you can benefit from its calming whirring sound while traveling as well as at home.

Does Not Collect much Dirt and Dust

Unlike the fans that attracted much dust and grime over time, this Sleep Easy noise machine does not collect much dirt, since there’s effectively no air movement through the unit. The blades inside are fashioned to produce lots of white noise for their size, not to move air (and dust) around.

A Few Units Together Strengthen the Effect

This sound screen blocks otherwise intruding noise pretty well for moderately quiet environments. However, we have extremely sensitive ears. Just one DS therefore, was insufficient. So we bought a couple more to place around the bed for a stereo white noise effect that worked much better.

The Sleep Easy Sound Machine Quite Affordable

At under thirty dollars (typical price for a dual speed unit), the Sleep Easy™ whit noise machine is a great buy; offering high quality for little cost.

Disadvantages, Problems, Cons, and Limitations of the Sleep Easy Sound Machine

May Not Be Loud Enough

This is especially the case in close living quarters with neighbors, where very thin walls are the order of the day. Thus, we had to buy three of them; not just one.

Weak Deep Bass Sounds

It does not block very low frequency thud style noises very well. We wish Dohm would sell a bigger unit, that generates a much louder low-frequency component in the white noise. This would better cover the jolting thumps of footfalls above, and door slams and booming bass music below.

Not Maintenance Free

The interior motor bearings may require occasional lubrication; particularly when used every night for years as we use ours. No big problem however, as the motor disassembly is not too challenging, and the bearings (both top and bottom) can be cleaned and lubricated with a few drops of silicone machine oil.

The Sleep Easy Sound Machine Offers Few Sound Choices

This unit produces white noise and variations of white noise only.  It does not offer “babbling brooks,” “rain falling,” “rivers flowing,” Etc.  It’s just white noise.  However, the good is that limited sound choices means high simplicity and limited complexity.

No Sleep Timer

It might be useful to have a built in timer that sets the time the unit runs before shutting off; particularly for those energy conscious consumers.  You can add an inexpensive external sleep timer or appliance timer to get timed operations if you so desire.

Our Rating on the Sleep Easy Sound Machine

We found very little wrong with the Sleep Easy™ sound conditioner. Even the $26.99 price per new unit on Amazon seemed quite reasonable; particularly for a dual speed sound screen. Hard to find these sound maskers, used even, for much less. It seems that once people buy them, they sell them infrequently, running them until they completely wear out. Scarcity of pre-owned units means an excellent quality device. Plus, the mechanical simplicity of this fan-in-a-plastic-box, means that it can run and run, for decades, without breaking or burning out.

This sound screen is a notably good value. It lacks none of the features or simplicity anticipated from a truly great, easy to use white noise machine, though perhaps some of them could be improved. Nonetheless however, we would again buy the Sleep Easy™, and would therefore rate this unit at 99 out of 100.  Love the low price.

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