Picture of the Netgear® AC750 EX3700 WiFi range extender, connected and operating normally, showing green front lights.

Netgear EX3700 Reset Procedure

Covers the Netgear EX3700 reset routine.  Indeed, Netgear® has created a vast line of range extenders. Many of these have a reset button.  This button, when pressed, erases any custom settings. It then returns the Netgear extender to default values. E.g. A reset restores the settings to what they were when the unit shipped from the factory.  Reset the EX3700 to default state if it shows strange symptoms.  These could include failing to link to the primary Wi-Fi network.  Or, the extended or extension network slows or freezes, and so on.  Try resetting before buying a new range extender.  A simple reset might save you the cost of that  new extender.

Here, we offer a simple method for how to reset a Netgear extender. Hopefully, a Netgear extender reset will fix most problems you might see in these network extenders.

Netgear EX3700 Reset: Step by Step Procedure

1. Find Good AC Power

Never interrupt power during the reset.  Why not?  Because this can corrupt the extender’s memory or break the installed firmware.  Thus, the extender may not start up after reset.  So, we suggest plugging it directly into a well-fitting and non switched AC wall outlet.  Do not attach it through an extension cord.  This avoids the loose and spotty connections often found in cheap or worn out cords.

2. Power On your EX3700

Wait until the Netgear extender finishes booting before proceeding to the next step.  Typically, booting can take between thirty seconds and one minute.

3. Write Down Any Extender Settings you’ve Changed to Continue with Netgear EX3700 Reset

Save any changed settings you’ve made to the 3700 before reset.  These might include the extended network name, password, channel numbers used, and so on.  Since the extender erases these settings during reset, write them down first.  You’ll need this settings list after the reset.  With it, you can easily apply them again if you wish.

4. Start Reset by Either of Two Ways

If you want to use the physical reset button on the EX3700 itself, skip ahead to step 9.  Or, do a hard reset via the device’s admin web pages. Most Netgear® extenders give both options).

To reset via the web, go on to the next step.  Resetting though the web, saves you from digging out the 3700 from behind furniture to get at the reset button.  But using the web may not always be easy, like when the extender freezes or locks up. So, choose how to reset based on your specific circumstances.

Netgear EX3700 Reset via the Genie® Web Site

Picture of the Netgear EX3700, displaying the Genie first page for Setup.
Netgear EX3700, displaying the Genie first page for Setup.

1. Log In to the EX3700’s Admin Web Site

Once the extender powers up and fully boots, connect a computer to it.  Then, on that computer, bring up the web browser.  Then, visit the  http://mywifiext.net/  site.  The Netgear® Genie® web site front page then displays.

Finally, follow the prompts through the extender Netgear login to the site.

2. Find the Reset Option

You often find the reset link under the Settings->Other section.

3. Click the RESET Button

This brings up a restore defaults confirm prompt screen.  You may choose not to reset at this point.  In that case,  just leave the reset page.  But if you still wish to reset, move on to the next step.

4. Click the YES Button to Continue with Netgear EX3700 Reset

Clicking or tapping this link is like pressing the reset button on the unit. That is,  resetting takes the 3700 offline while it restores the default settings.

The 3700will also log you off of the http://mywifiext.net/ web site during this time. Lights will go out for some seconds, then start flashing as the reset takes effect.

5. Done with Netgear EX3700 Reset via the Web Site !

Now, you may move your extender to a new spot and set it up there.  Or, it’s now ready for the next user if you’re going to sell or gift it.

Netgear EX3700 Reset: @ith its RESET Button

1, Find the Reset Button

The button is quite small. Plus, you often find it inside a hole on either the back or bottom of the range extender.  The button is red, black, or silver in color, and likely in a hole in the case surface. Use a flashlight if you put your extender in a dark spot.

2. Press and Hold the Reset Button for Ten to Twenty Seconds

Since the reset button port is often small, use the tip of a pen or paper clip to reach it.  Also, this button is delicate and so, easily broken or jammed.  So, raise your pressing pressure only until you feel the button give (click) into the pressed position.  Then, keep pressing with that same strength until the extender starts resetting.

3. Release the RESET Button to Continue with Netgear EX3700 Reset

You can tell when reset begins because the lights will all go out, except for perhaps the power lamp.  You need not continue holding the reset button in, once resetting starts.  Pressing for too long can, again, damage the button.  So, only hold it in as long as it takes to start resetting.

4. Wait for the Extender to Finish Resetting

This can take up to four minutes.  So stay calm, and DO NOT UNPLUG (POWER DOWN) YOUR EXTENDER WHILE RESETTING!!! 

Again, turning off most any network device while it’s resetting can brick it. If that happens, you may have to send the extender to Netgear® for proper re flashing. That is,  if they can re flash at all.  For cheaper extenders, factory re flashing may not be worth the expense.  So, get it right the first time.  That is, never stop a extender during reset.

Reset completes when the lights on the extender stop blinking.  You should also see the extender’s admin setup web pages at http://mywifiext.net/  after reset.

5. Reapply Any Customized Settings

Once the hard reset completes, make any changes to the EX3700 settings that your specific network needs. Visit the  http://mywifiext.net/ site to update those settings.

6. Netgear EX3700 Reset: Using the RESET Button Now Complete !

What ever way you reset the 3700, it is now ready for setup.  Note that you must set it up anew after reset.  It will not extend any networks until you enter the WiFi networks you wish to extend.  Do this on the 3700’s setup web pages.

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