Picture of the Belkin N600 Dual Band Wi-Fi Range Extender, left side view.

Belkin Wireless Extender Reset Instructions

Belkin has built a vast line of Wi-Fi range extenders. Many feature a hard reset button.  Pressing this button erases any changed settings including password. It also returns the wireless extender to factory default settings.  That is, resetting restores the settings to when the unit arrived fresh from the factory.  Do a Belkin wireless extender reset if the extender acts strangely.  This includes failing to link to the extended network.  Or, the extending network grows slow or freezes, and so on.  Here, we demo ways to reset a Belkin wireless extender.  A reset usually fixes most extender ills often seen in these sorts of devices.

How to Perform a Belkin Wireless Extender Reset

1. Find Good AC Power

Never turn off the power during reset. Powering down while resetting might damage its flash memory.  Should that happen, the extender may not boot up afterwards.  Then, it extends no more.  When this happens we say that we “bricked” the extender.  Why?  Because with corrupt flash memory, it’s about as useful as a brick.  🙂  So, we suggest plugging your wireless extender right into a well-fitting, non switched outlet.  But do not do so through an extension cord.  The power should always be stable for resets. So avoid loose plugs that often show up in cheap or worn lead cords.  They could end up bricking your wireless extender.

2. Power On your Belkin Extender

Wait until booting is done before proceeding to the next step.  Booting can take between thirty seconds and two minutes.

3. Record your Settings

Write down any settings you’ve changed in the extender.  These include the extended network name and password, IP addresses, gateway addresses, sub masks, Etc.  Since these settings clear during reset, your written list will come in handy after the reset. With this list, you can easily re apply the settings you need again.

4. Start the Belkin Wireless Extender Reset by Either of Two Ways

If you want to use the physical reset button, skip ahead to step 9.  Or, you may order a hard reset via the device’s admin pages.  In that case, continue on with the next step.

An advantage of resetting though the web is easy access.  For example, you won’t have to dig out the wireless extender from behind furniture.  However, using the web may not always be best. When the extender stops responding, even on the web, pressing the RESET button is then the only way to reset. So choose based on your situation.

5. Log In to the Extender’s Admin Web Site

With the extender powered up and booted, visit its web site.  Hop onto a web browser, on a computer linked to the extender.  Then, visit the http://belkin.range/ site.  Or, try if the former site does not work.  Once you reach the admin site login page, enter the admin Id and password.

6. Find the Belkin Wireless Extender Reset Option on the Web Site

Find the factory default reset link under Utilities->Restore Factory Default section.

7. Click the Restore Factory Defaults Link

This brings up the Restore Factory Defaults screen.  You may wish not to reset the extender at this point.  If so, then just leave the Restore Factory Defaults page.  However, move on to step 8 to proceed.

8. Click the Restore Factory Defaults Button

Clicking or tapping this link is just like pressing the  RESET  button. Reset takes the wireless extender offline while it restores default settings. It will also log you off of the http://belkin.range/ web site until the extender comes back up. Lights will go out for a time.  Then, they flash as the reset happens.

9. Jump to Step 13

There, wait for reset to complete.

10. Locate the  Red  Reset Button

If you’re here, then you’ve decided to press the RESET button instead of using the extender’s web site.  Therefore, read on.

The button is quite small.  You often find it in a hole on either the back or bottom of the wireless extender.  Use a flashlight for extenders in dark places.

Picture showing the rear view of the N600 extender, its Ethernet ports, RESET button, and power port. Belkin wireless extender reset.
Showing the rear view of the N600 extender, its Ethernet ports, RESET button, and power port. Belkin wireless extender reset.

11. Press and Hold that   Red   Reset Button for Ten to Twenty Seconds

Since the  RESET  hole is quite small, get a small object to poke into it.  Gently!  Insert a pen tip or paper clip, to press the button inside.  Increase your pressing strength only until you feel the button give (click) into the down position. Then, continue pressing that same amount until the extender starts resetting.

12. Release the RESET Button

You can tell when reset starts because the lights all go out, except for the power lamp.  You need not continue holding the reset button in, once resetting starts.  Applying pressure for too long can, damage or wear out the button early.  So, only hold it in as long as it takes to start factory default resetting, and no longer.

13. Wait for the Belkin Wireless Extender Reset to Finish

This can take up to four minutes.  So be patient, and DO NOT UNPLUG (POWER DOWN) YOUR EXTENDER WHILE RESETTING!!!  Again, powering off most any network device while it’s resetting can brick it. If that happens, you must send the extender back to Belkin for re flashing.  For cheaper extenders, factory re flashing may not be worth the expense.  It might not even be possible.  So, never shut off a wireless extender while it’s resetting. 

The wireless extender completes factory default reset when the lights on it stop blinking.  Then, access to the extender’s admin setup web pages at http://belkin.range/  should also return. 

14. Re Apply any Customized Settings

Once the Belkin wireless extender reset is done, make any changes to the settings that you need, at the   http://belkin.range/   site.

15. Done!

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