Picture of an Echo Dot 4 clock speaker beside the Sony SRS X2 Bluetooth speaker.

Sony X2 Firmware Update Instructions

Covers the Sony X2 firmware update instructions for this portable Bluetooth speaker.  But unfortunately, we know of no way to upgrade the firmware on this speaker.  Further, there are currently no firmware downloads listed for this speaker on the Sony web site.  Nor do they provide any details for this in the included manuals.

So apparently, Sony feels that the speaker works well with the fresh-out-of-box firmware. Thus, they did not include a (perhaps) confusing update routine for such a simple speaker.

Moreover in our tests, the speaker is indeed quite reliable with the onboard firmware included.  I.e. We’ve not seen any bugs, lost connections, distortion, or anything else bad.  So firmware updating is likely unnecessary, and as far as we can tell, impossible for the average consumer to pull off.

Picture of the Sony X2 Bluetooth speaker charging.
The Sony X2 Bluetooth speaker charging.

Finally, a no-update option makes the X2 even easier to use for the low tech consumer. And it’s good to see a speaker that works well, right out of the box, and will likely never need updates to fix problems.  So if that’s the sort of hassle-free operation you’re looking for in a Bluetooth speaker, then this one is for you. It’s a virtually zero-service model.  Plus, the only maintenance it needs is to keep it clean and to exercise the battery periodically. So avoid putting it in long term storage without recharging it periodically, and it will give you many years of trouble free service.

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