Picture of the Stanley 24-ounce One Handed Hydration Bottle, fitting comfortably into hand.

Stanley Water Bottle Review, 24 Oz

Whether you’re hiking in the Himalayas, biking in the Andes, running the New York marathon, or just jogging on the track at your local high school football field, the Stanley One Handed Hydration H2O Bottle is a convenient means to carry water or electrolyte beverages with you, for quick access when thirst is about to overcome you.

It’s handy for athletes, landscapers, trash collectors — anyone working outdoors in the hot weather, and does not cramp your style. It’s lightweight and compact, and can be attached to a belt clip or a backpack shoulder strap.  Carrying a this drink flask means that you need not interrupt your workout, or your work, just to take a sip.

Picture of the 24-ounce size of the Stanley Stainless Steel One Handed Hydration Bottle.
Stanley stainless steel one handed hydration bottle, 24 Oz.

Stanley Water Bottle Review, 24 Oz Stainless Steel Model Benefits, Features, Pros, and Advantages


Weights little more than a plastic water bottle, at just 7.4 ounces.  It won’t weight you down in your backpack.

One Handed Operation

You can hold the bottle in one hand, while operating the pushbutton lid valve, with the thumb of the same hand.  Supports convenient drinking.

Handy Carrying Loop on Cap

Rubberized flexible “finger handle” supports hanging on a shoulder strap or belt hook while on your exercise outing.

This Stanley Water Bottle Features Liquid Tight Seal

This H2O bottle is leak proof, no matter how you hold it (upside down, or right side up).

Stainless Steel Construction, Inside and Out

Does not rust or add any undesired chemical flavors to drinks.

Rugged in Spite of Lightness

Adventure Series

Stanley designed this adventure bottle to provide

Lifetime Warranty

“Built for life,” it says on the label.

This Stanley Water Bottle is BPA Free

Stainless steel drink vessels are a tried-and-true technology, known to most to be very safe.

Large Mouth

Supports quick fill-up, and thorough cleanup.  It’s easy to insert a bottle-sponge inside to get at any pesky staining.

Screw Off Lid

The pushbutton valve and lid assembly quickly unscrews for rapid filling and cleaning, when the built-in strainer is not needed.

Strainer in Lid

A ring of 1/8” (approximate) openings slows exit of the liquid inside while drinking, and keeps teabags and other byproducts of the beverage inside, if any.

Easy Cleanup

Just untwist the lid assembly and rinse out in the kitchen sink.

This Stanley Water Bottle is Submersible

Can be dunked fully under water for thorough cleaning.

Simple to Use

Once filled, you just press the button on the lid, drink from the open mouth, and then release the button, to re seal.

Use and Care Guide Included

Use is simple.  Care is a snap, and requires little effort beyond cleaning.


We paid less than $12 for this drink bottle, at a local Walmart super center.

Picture of the Stanley 24-ounce One Handed Hydration Bottle, fitting comfortably into hand.
Stanley 24-ounce one handed water bottle, fits comfortably into hand.

Stanley Water Bottle Review: Disadvantages, Cons, Problems, Limitations, and Suggested Improvements

Not Insulated

Though relatively low weight, this Stanley water bottle, features no double walled construction, and thus, is not vacuum insulated, or insulated in any meaningful way.  It does not maintain internal temperature very long.  Not only do hot and cold beverages cool down or warm up (respectively) within a half-hour, the metal passes the heat / chill onto the outer surface, where you hold it.  Boiling water can make this bottle too hot to hold, and near-freezing drinks can produce thermos sweating; particularly in high-humidity environments.

Dents and Scuffs up Easily

The thermos had no packaging in the store.  It was just sitting on the shelf, and probably had been dropped and bumped numerous times. Had a few minor dents and dings.

Not Microwave Oven Safe

The microwaves probably would not penetrate this metal vessel to heat the contents inside.  Plus, if the oven is not damaged, the steel walls of this bottle would quickly heat up to beyond-handling temperatures.  So keep this container out of the microwave.  Reheat beverages first, and then put them in here.

Hot Drinks Not Recommended in this Stanley Water Bottle

Given that the container itself quickly approaches the temperature of any liquids placed within, it’s a bad idea to put hotter-than-touchable liquids in this bottle.  As noted, holding the bottle becomes painful and perhaps dangerous in these cases.

Not Dishwasher Safe

While the stainless steel itself would probably hold up well inside of an automatic dishwasher, the plastic and rubber exterior parts in the lid would probably not.  So we recommend only hand washing.

Picture of the release button being pressed on a Stanley One Handed Hydration Bottle.
Stanley one handed hydration bottle, showing Open button pressing.

Our Rating on the Stanley 24 Ounce Water Bottle 

We carry water in the book bag routinely, without worrying about contamination or leakage.  This hydration bottle has never leaked on our books or clothes.  We trust it enough to pack our ham radio gear in the same bag, without fear of water damage.  It’s inexpensive, so that even if you do dent and scratch it a lot, replacing it is nearly painless to the wallet.  We rate this Stanley liquid bottle therefore, at 95 out of 100; a durable and useful purchase indeed.

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