Sony SRS XG300 Buttons Guide

The Sony SRS XG300 mini Boombox speaker has several buttons across its top panel. Plus, there are also a couple more inside its rear port compartment.  The back compartment also has audio and power inputs, and USB play and charge out ports. All this is behind the sealing cap. The buttons on the top include … Continue reading Sony SRS XG300 Buttons Guide

Amazon Echo Buttons Guide

An Amazon Echo speaker features several buttons and a light ring around its top as have its earlier versions.  In this buttons guide, we explore the Amazon Echo buttons and input and output ports.  We show  where each one is on the speaker. We then discuss what each button / plug is for, and when … Continue reading Amazon Echo Buttons Guide

Comcast Talking TV Guide Review

Three cheers for the Comcast talking TV guide DVR!  They released this here in Pittsburgh on their X1 operating system in 2015.  Really good stuff. Indeed, this audible guide and menu system, on Comcast set top boxes and digital video recorders (DVRs), grants near full usability to vision impaired and blind users.  It’s like a … Continue reading Comcast Talking TV Guide Review