Sony SRS XB12 Specs Watts

The SRS XB12 Sony Bluetooth speaker is a low power, personal style, small unit with still enough audio watts in its specs to fill a small room or personal space with surprisingly full sounding music or speech. But what do the watts a Bluetooth speaker has tell you about it?  Firstly, the watt is a … Continue reading Sony SRS XB12 Specs Watts

Sony SRS XB12 Specs

Here, we list Sony SRS XB12 Extra Bass speaker specs.  Firstly, these specifications cover the unit’s length, width, weight, battery recharge time, output power, and music play time per charge.  We also include the frequency response, driver size, and Bluetooth support details et al. Secondly, it’s clear from the published specs, that the Sony SRS … Continue reading Sony SRS XB12 Specs