How to Turn Off Wonderboom

We explain how to turn off a Wonderboom BT speaker here.  Now most speakers have a Power button that they prominently place on the unit so it’s easy to find.  Indeed, this speaker is no exception to this rule, since we find its Power button right on top, near the front, as we see next. … Continue reading How to Turn Off Wonderboom

How to Factory Reset Wonderboom

Here, we show how to factory reset a Wonderboom BT speaker back to its factory default settings.  The factory reset routine works as detailed next. Factory resetting Wonderboom wipes any earlier paired Bluetooth devices from its memory inside. Thus, clearing this data prevents the Wonderboom from pairing to any nearby Bluetooth devices afterwards. Moreover, you … Continue reading How to Factory Reset Wonderboom

Wonderboom Charger Details Info

A decent Wonderboom speaker charger is a USB AC charger that supplies at least 2.1 amps at 5 volts (12 watts or more). Note that currently, Ultimate Ears does not provide a compatible USB charger with its Wonderboom speaker.  So, you’ll need to buy one elsewhere.  These usually cost between ten and forty US dollars. … Continue reading Wonderboom Charger Details Info

Wonderboom Speaker Not Charging, How to Fix

Most Ultimate Ears Bluetooth speakers, including the Wonderboom, offer truly portable operation via their lithium ion batteries inside. And when said battery dies, you can recharge the speaker with an AC or car adapter. Sometimes though, you may notice that the Wonderboom speaker is not charging fully, or at all, even when you connect the … Continue reading Wonderboom Speaker Not Charging, How to Fix