Back view of the Sony SRS XB13 speaker box carton.

XB13 Sony Speaker Power Output

The XB13 Sony speaker is a low power, one-person style, small unit with still enough power output to fill a small room or personal space with strikingly full sounding music or speech.

But what does the power output value a wireless speaker has, tell you about it?  Firstly, the watt is a measure of the amount of  power the speaker draws and delivers.  Plus, this metric is a handy comparison measure. E.g. Typically, speakers with more power output tend to play louder than those with lower max wattages.  The ones with greater power cost more, have bigger batteries and chargers, along with larger drivers.  But they also offer more dynamic range, have a deeper bass response, and stereo models offer a bigger soundstage to listeners.

Picture of the XB13 Sony speaker on the charge.
The XB13 Sony speaker on the charge.

Thus in general, the more powerful the speaker, the better it sounds, even at low volume. You get better clarity due to higher accuracy reproduction of the bass, midrange, and treble pieces of the music. More extra power output could produce less clipping distortion as well. So, the speaker’s output power number is a primary indicator of speaker quality and performance, and as such, is of great interest to audiophiles and novice listeners alike.

In this case, the XB13 Sony speaker, as a mini battery powered BT speaker, is a reasonably well powered model for its size.  Its output umph can immerse the area around a dining table with music. See below for details on its power output.

XB13 Sony Speaker Power Output: Details

All values for power are given in watts next.

    1. Battery Capacity: 5.18 watt-hours (3.7 volts, 1.4 amp-hours).
    2. Suggested USB Charger Power:  2.5 (5 volts at 0.5 amps).
    3. Light Power: No party lamps on this speaker.
    4. Power Bank Output Power: Not available on this speaker.
    5. Total Audio Output Power on External Power (RMS): 5.
    6. Total Peak Audio Power: 7.07.
    7. Output Power per Channel: 5 RMS (There’s only one channel on this model).
    8. Peak Output Power per Channel: 7.07.

Notes on XB13 Sony Speaker Power Output

    1. The SRS XB13 speaker may not input enough enough power from a USB power adapter to keep the battery from discharging when playing at full volume, depending on what you’re playing on it and the sort of charger you have.  So it could be that even with the unit externally powered, you could still run the battery dead.  Thus on the (rare) occasions that this occurs, just stop playing the 13 for an hour or so, to let it store up some reserve power as it recharges. Then, fire it up again for continued party enjoyment.

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