Picture of the front panel keyboard on the Book Port Plus eBook player and note taker from American Printing House for the Blind.

Bookport Plus Change WiFi Instructions

People also know the APH MP3 audiobook player as the Book Port Plus.  This eBook reader utilizes WiFi networks for streaming audio content from internet Radio stations.  It also plays downloaded podcasts.  Plus, this player will hopefully download talking books directly from the National Library Service for the Blind (NLS). All of this function relies on the Bookport Plus connecting to a WiFi network with internet access in order to work fully.  But a WiFi connection may stop working for many reasons.  So you may wish to connect to new WiFi.  So here, we offer our Bookport Plus Change WiFi instructions, to do just this.

Bookport Plus Change WiFi Intro

The Bookport Plus audio book player is a small and highly portable eBook reader.  So you’ll likely wish to listen to it at numerous locations, and thus, on different WiFi networks.  Or, you may wish to switch to a different wireless access point (WAP) within your own home.  Perhaps you upgraded your router or added a Wi-Fi range extender.  The Book Port Plus automatically connects to a default WiFi network stored in its memory.  This post explains how to change that default Wi-Fi network, enabling connection to a new WiFi network by default.

Picture of the front panel keyboard on the Bookport Plus APH MP3 audiobook player.
APH MP3 Audiobook Player, showing the front panel keyboard.

Note in the picture above, that the APH MP3 audiobook player has no screen.  Instead, it speaks its configuration options and their current values, as well as any status details.  Therefore, we won’t show screen shots.  Rather, we’ll quote what the Book Port Plus says back, as we drill through the menus.

Also, whether or not the Book Port Plus connects to a wireless network currently. You follow essentially the same procedure for linking it to one, or changing to a different one.  Therefore, these instructions show you how to switch Wi-Fi networks.  They also illustrate how to connect this MP3 audiobook player to WiFi for the first time.

Bookport Plus Change WiFi Instructions, Step by Step

1. Power on the APH Bookport Plus Player

Find the green Power / Sleep button.  It’s near the top right corner of the front panel, as highlighted in the next picture. Then, press and hold the Power / Sleep button until the musical BLONG sound plays.  Next, you’ll hear the “Please wait” message.

After a half minute or so, the “wait music” plays while the unit reads the folders on the SD card.  Depending on how many files you’ve saved thre, this wait can be short or long.  The more files, the longer the delay.

On the other hand, if your Book Port is in “Power Save” mode, the start-up process takes significantly less time.  But in either case, you’ll eventually hear the machine announce the current SD card folder.  Ours says, “SD card, web radio, KQV 1410,” followed by the “speech concluded” bling sound.  At this point, you can set the Book Port Plus to connect to a different wireless network.

Picture of the Power / Sleep button circled in pink, on the APH MP3 audiobook player.
APH MP3 audiobook player power sleep button, the green button, circled in pink.

2. Press the MENU Button

The MENU button is located just below the Power / Sleep button on the right side of the front panel.  We’ve circled it in pink in the next picture.  In response to pressing this, the machine says, “MENU.  Edit.  Use right or left arrow to choose item.  Press down-arrow to select or up-arrow to cancel.”   Then the “prompt” music plays until you press other keys.  The Book Port Plus is now waiting for you to make a MENU selection.

Picture of the MENU Button on the Bookport Plus audiobook player, circled in pink.
MENU Button on the APH MP3 audiobook player, circled in pink.

3.  Find the Network Settings Menu Item   

Use the left and right arrow keys, circled in the next picture, to move up and down through the menu.  Find the “Network Settings” menu item in this way.  A single press of the left arrow key takes you to network settings.  Once you find it, move on to the next step.

Picture of the Left and Right arrow keys on the APH Book Port Plus, circled in pink.
Left and Right Arrow Keys on the APH Book Port Plus, circled in pink. Bookport Plus change WiFi instructions.

4.  Bookport Plus Change WiFi: Choose Network Settings  

Press the Down arrow key to navigate into the Network Settings sub menu.  We highlighted the Down key in pink in the next picture.   Upon pressing the Down key, the Book Port then says, “Network Information,” and the prompt music plays.

Picture of the Down Arrow Button on the APH Bookport Plus, circled in pink.
Down Arrow Button on the APH Book Port Plus, circled in pink.

5.  Check that Wireless Networking is ON  

You won’t connect to ANY wireless network unless the wireless radio is ON.  Do this by finding the “Enable or Disable Wireless Network” menu item using the Left and Right Arrows.  Press Enter.  Then, the machine says, “Enter. Enable” if the wireless capabilities are ON, and, “Enter. Disable” if off.  If OFF, use the Left and Right Arrow keys to navigate to the “Enable” item.  Then, press the Enter key.  The machine then says, “Enter.  Set.”  You have now enabled wireless networking on the Book Port Plus.

6.  Bookport Plus Change WiFi: Find the Wireless Network Menu Item  

The previous step, probably kicked you out of the Settings menu.  So repeat steps 2 through 4, then return here to continue.

To continue, use the Left and Right arrow keys to navigate around in the Network Settings menu.  Then, locate the “Wireless Network” menu item.  On ours, you press the Right arrow key four times.  Arrow through each menu item. Go slowly enough to hear the Book Port speak the name of each menu item.

7.  Navigate into the Wireless Network Menu  

Press the Down arrow key to do this. The Book Port Plus then says, “Enter.  Available wireless networks.”

8.  Choose the Available Wireless Networks Menu Item

Press the Down / Enter key to select.  This initiates a scan of the 2.4 Ghz. WiFi band as the wait music plays.  While you wait, the Book Port Plus looks for in-range wireless networks. It builds a list of them that you’ll be able to pick from later.  Note that this device does not see 5 Ghz. networks.

When the network scan completes, the Book Port Plus announces the SSID (name) of the first wireless network it found.

9.  Find the WiFi Network you Want in the List to Continue with Changing WiFi on the Bookport Plus Player

Use the Left and Right Arrow keys to move around in the networks list. Stop when you find the one you with to connect with.  In our scenario here, the Book Port says, after its scan, “937T681J4059H2G disconnected.  There is no connection setting.  Signal strength, very strong.”  This is the SSID we wish to connect.  If it was not however, we could navigate through the list until we found the desired Wi-Fi network.

Now we have observed that sometimes, the desired network does not appear in the Book Port Plus list.  If you experience this, verify, using another wireless device, that the desired network is broadcasting.  Should it appear in the in-range Wi-Fi networks list on THAT device, then it is.  If not, then troubleshoot your wireless router / access point, and return to this step once you’ve solved the problem(s).

However, if your desired SSID appears on your other device, then check the following.  There may be interference on the current Wi-Fi channel. This can prevent your Book Port from seeing the wireless network you want.  We found that changing the wireless channel on our wireless access point (WAP) usually solves this problem.  Try changing channels there (note that some WAPs require rebooting for this change to take effect).  Once your WAP has rebooted, press the Up Arrow key once.  This backs you out of the scan results list.  Then, repeat step 7 above (the scan-for-wireless-networks step).

10.  Choose the Desired Wireless Network

Once you locate the desired Wi-Fi network in the previous step, press the Down Arrow / Enter key.  In our case, the Book Port Plus then says, “Security mode WPA2 PSK AES has been detected.  Enter password.  No password.  ABC.”

11.  Enter Network Password

Use the digit keys to enter the correct wireless password.  (We assume you can enter letters using the number keys.  So we will not describe how to do this here.)  When finished entering the password, press the Down Arrow / Enter key.  The Book Port Plus then says, “Enter, Set.  Stealth mode OFF.”

12.  Bookport Plus Change WiFi: Select Through All Other Settings for this WiFi Connection

Press the Down Arrow / Enter key again.  The Book Port Plus says in response, “Enter.  OFF.  DHCP Setting Enable.”

Press Down Arrow / Enter again.  The Book Port Plus then says, “Enable.  Proxy server setting.  Disable.”

Press the Down Arrow key again.  The machine then says, “Enter. Disable.  Set.  Connecting to 937T681J4059H2G.”  The waiting music then plays for some seconds, and finally, the Book Port Plus says, “Connected.  937T681J4059H2G.  This network will connect automatically from now on.”

Note that the network name you hear will probably be different than ours here.

Your Book Port Plus now connects to that different WiFi network you specified. It will connect automatically to it now, whenever in range of that network.

Bookport Plus Change WiFi Cautions and Warnings

You’ll probably want to  prevent the player from connecting to in-range WiFi networks still stored in its memory. If so, delete the network information for the old network.  To do that, navigate to “Network Settings->Wireless Network->Change or Delete Wireless Network.”  Press Enter.  With the Left and Right Arrow keys, navigate through the saved networks list, locating the old network.  Then press Enter.  Again, use the Left and Right Arrow keys to find the “Delete Wireless Network” option.  Press Enter here.  The Book Port Plus then says, “Enter.  You are about to delete 937T681J4059H2G.  Are you sure?”  Press Enter here.  The APH MP3 audiobook player then responds, “Wireless network 937T681J4059H2G deleted.”

Again, note that the network name you hear will probably be different than ours here.

These instructions apply to Version 6 of the Book Port Plus firmware.

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