Picture of Comet with Bleach Dry Cleanser, 25 ounce can, front view.

Comet Bleach Cleanser Disinfectant Review

We used the various versions of Comet Bleach Cleanser Disinfectant Scratch Free Cleaner  for a decade now.   This antibacterial cleaner is quite versatile and effective yet not too abrasive.  It works well and is quite cheap to buy.

Here are my impressions about this handy household cleaning product that smells forcefully of cleanliness.  Mom used earlier versions of this product while we kids were grossing up in the 1960s and 1970s too.  The scent hasn’t changed much, and the actual cleaning performance is just as good as ever.  Memories of that trademark bright green and shiny can sitting beside the toilet in all of our bathrooms are hard to forget.

Picture of Comet with bleach dry cleanser, 25 ounce can, front view.
Comet with bleach dry cleanser, 25 ounce can, front view.

Comet Bleach Cleanser Benefits, Features, Pros, and Advantages

Excellent Cookware Scrubbing Cleaner

Work well on grimy pots and pans. However, though the label tells us that this product is scratch free, we avoid using it on nonstick cookware, whose no-stick coatings can be easily rubbed off even with even gentle cleansers.

Removes Fingerprints

We’ve even applied this product to tough stains like dirty hand prints on workshop walls, though this is generally not recommended as this cleanser can strip away the paint as well as the dirt.  Nonetheless, when all else fails, try this on your dirty walls as a last resort.  But don’t scour too hard.

Comet Bleach Cleanser Penetrates Cracks and Crevices

Easily removes mildew from most tile grout and other “nitchy” places.  Just work it in with a wet cloth, let sit for a bit, and then scrub with the same cloth, brush, or ear cleaner.

Subtle, Clean, and Fresh Scent

Features a gentle, non overpowering aroma(though it has a hint of a bleach smell that’s a bit stronger than the Comet with no bleach). Still, you need not open windows or turn on exhaust fans while using this mildly abrasive cleaning agent in small spaces like in small bathrooms.

Scent Fades Quickly

Plus, the scent does not hang around long. Soon after you rinse the Comet cleaner down the drain, its smell disappears too.

Comet Bleach Cleanser Cleans Soap Scum, Rust, and Hard Water Deposits

We most use Comet in the bathroom for removing soap scum and hard water deposits from  bathtub, sink, and occasionally, the toilet whenever extraordinarily stubborn under-the-rim rust spots appears.

Sterilizes on Contact

Works particularly well at removing the most common bathroom dirt as well as disinfects those surfaces.

Anti Bacterial

The included bleach qualifies Comet disinfectant as an antibacterial cleanse for non porous surfaces especially.

Sponges, Rags, and Scouring Pads

Comet in my experience, works just as well when applied with a rag as with a sponge. I’d rather use a rag though, as rags tend to be cheaper to acquire than sponges.

Comet Bleach Cleanser Offers Easy Yet Complete Rinsing

Rinses away completely, and fairly quickly.  Sometimes though, an extra cupful or two of water are needed to completely wash away the residual powder grit, that sometimes accumulates in bath tubs and sinks. Not difficult however.

Easy to buy

Comet brand products are very easy to find in just about any grocery or home improvement store.


It’s priced reasonably. Haven’t bought it lately however, as I have several cans of it in my bathroom closet, that Mom bought years back.

Bleach Makes Comet Clean Better

I like that they put a little bleach into this product, to make it into a decent disinfectant as well as a great cleanser.

Comet Bleach Cleanser has Less Abrasive Grit

The powder feels a bit finer than that found in original Comet, which is probably one step they took to make this scratch-free version of the product.

Picture of Comet lavender fresh dry cleanser with bleach, 21 ounce can, front view.
Comet lavender fresh dry cleanser with bleach, 21 ounce can, front view.

Comet Bleach Cleanser Disadvantages, Cons, Problems, Limitations, and Concerns

Avoid Mixing with Other Cleaners

This is a chemically active cleanser, not just rough grit, that can produce dangerous gasses if mixed with certain other cleaners; particularly those that contain ammonia.  So be sure to use this product by itself, and not in concert with any other cleaner.

Scratch Free, Almost

Can still scratch if you rub too hard while cleaning certain surfaces such as stainless steel and nonstick pots and pans. So, rub as gently as practical, and be sure to test the surfaces that you’re scouring beforehand, in a non conspicuous location on said surfaces, to see how much this cleaner will scratch.

Comet Bleach Cleanser has No Sealing Lid

Once you remove the sticker seal from the top of the can, exposing the shaker-top holes, Comet cleanser cannot be re-sealed.  This makes it non child-safe and very easy to accidentally spill.

May Cause Color Fading on Non Colorfast Surfaces

Spillage is of particular concern with this bleach-containing product, as it can discolor carpet or other fabrics.  So store this clean in a cool and dry place where it is not likely to be knocked over.

Significant Caking Noted

Sometimes, the powder clumps up inside the can into pieces that are too big to fit through the shaker top holes.  A reseal able can would keep more humid air out I’d predict, and help prevent this caking from occurring.  Store in a cool, dry place when not in use, to keep the cleanser powder soft and easily poured.  And, when you are using this product, keep it well away from spraying water, which can drop through the holes into the cleanser itself, and exacerbate the caking.

Our Rating for Comet Bleach Cleanser

Over all then, Comet Disinfectant Scratch Free Cleanser With Bleach is an inexpensive yet second to none cleaning product.  So, we would highly recommend it to anyone looking to do a thorough job of cleaning their kitchens, bathrooms, basements, and garages.  It has saved many a burned pan for us, and the fact that it’s been around for so many decades is testament to its historically and consistently fine performance.  So we rate this Comet disinfecting cleanser cleaner at 95 out of 100.

Where To Buy Comet Bleach Cleanser Disinfectant

Look for this product in the metallic-looking bright green can with the silver and white lettering at just about any grocery store big or small.

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