Soft Scrub Oxi Cleanser Review

You apply and clean with Soft Scrub Oxi Cleanser just as you would use the numerous other Soft Scrub soft cleanser products.

However, with this oxi action cleaner, you get the added benefits of oxygen reaction cleaning.  So this product can be more effective than the others at removing certain stains such as grape juice, dried blood, and other organically composed stains from multiple surfaces.  The oxygen cleaning action does some of the scrubbing for you, in addition to what you do yourself.  We’ve tested this on our stainless steel kitchen sink and ceramic cooktop stove, with excellent results.

Soft Scrub oxi deep cleaner cleanser for bath and kitchen smells fruity sweet, and you don’t have to worry about dripping it on clothes, as it contains no bleach. The oxygenated soft cream does not harm fabrics, yet is excellent for removing mildew, grease, lime scale, soap scum, and numerous other deposits and stains in the kitchen and bathroom.

Picture of Soft Scrub Oxy Cleanser, 24 ounce bottle, front view.
Soft Scrub Oxy Cleanser, 24 ounce bottle, front view.

We’ve used Soft Scrub Oxi Cleanser often, and find it quite the versatile and effective, though not very abrasive liquid cleanser. It’s easy on the skin as it contains no harsh chemicals like bleach, emits virtually no fumes (except for the floral aroma), and a single 24 ounce bottle has enough product to keep a vanity sink sparkling clean for a year or more in our non hard water environment. The entire line of Soft Scrub cleaning products is economical, pretty safe on surfaces, tough on dirt and grime, and easy to use. It saves lots of toil that you’d otherwise spend scrubbing. However, without bleach, this product is much better known for its food stain removal capabilities as a kitchen and bathroom cleaner, than for its anti bacterial properties.

Benefits, Pros, Advantages, and Features

Creamy liquid cleanser consistency. Thin enough to squeeze out of the bottle, but thick as light dairy cream, this cleaner features oxy scrubbers, with a slippery feel when rubbing it between the fingers. The grit here is too small to feel however, which helps it clean dirt without noticeable scratching. This opaque light blue liquid visually resembles wall paint. It’s dense, but still thin enough to poor and spread with ease. Not a gel; neither clear nor transparent.

Versatile bathroom cleaner. We most use this Soft Scrub oxy cleanser product in our small bathroom, for removing soap scum and mineral deposits from the bathtub, chrome shower fixtures, sink, soap dispensers, and occasionally the toilet whenever a stubborn rust spot appears under the rim. Soft Scrub works particularly well at removing the most common bathroom dirt and scum.

Excellent kitchen cleaner as well. We store a bottle near the kitchen sink when a particularly dirty pan arrives or the stove becomes stubbornly grimy.

Scratches and etches very little. We’ve never scratched any bathroom or kitchen surface with this Soft Scrub cleaner. Yet it has effectively cleaned almost every surface tested.

Use rags or sponges. Works just as well when applied with a rag as with a sponge. We prefer rags, just because we can better feel, through the rag, the state of what we’re scrubbing, and can more rapidly tell when all stuck on food and grime has been scoured away.

Quickly rinses clean. rinses away completely, and quickly. This low-abrasion formula rinses even faster and more easily, with its smaller, virtually imperceptible scrubbing compounds.

Excellent pot and pan grime remover. We’ve found the oxi version of Soft Scrub to work particularly well on pots and pans. However, use only as a last resort on nonstick cookware, as you could scrub away or damage its no-stick surfaces.

Easy to find. This household cleaner is a snap to locate in just about any grocery or home improvement store. We get ours at Walmart or Giant Eagle.

No expiration. Remains effective as long as you keep the lid tightly closed when not using, although you may have to shake up the bottle if you let it sit for too many months. And you may notice that the floral aroma weakens after a year of storage.

Picture of a 24 ounce bottle of Soft Scrub Oxy Cleanser, back view.
Soft Scrub Oxy Cleanser, 24 ounce bottle, back view.

Disadvantages, Cons, Problems, and Limitations

May scratch in certain circumstances. Can indeed scratch if you rub too hard while cleaning certain surfaces; particularly, soft metals. So, rub no harder than necessary, and do test the surfaces that you’re cleaning first, in a non conspicuous location on said surfaces, to get a feel for how much this cleaner will scratch.

Too sweet a scent. This oxy cleaner has a rather strong, artificial-smelling flowery aroma. However, it’s not terribly strong.  So you need not open windows or turn on exhaust fans while using it in confined spaces like a small bathroom. Plus, the scent completely dissipates well before becoming obnoxious. Within five minutes of rinsing away, its smell disappears too.

Disinfecting properties uncertain. Not sure how good a disinfectant this Soft Scrub cleanser is, as it contains no bleach, and the label says nothing about it working well as an antibacterial or disinfectant. Thus, we do not rely on it for actual disinfecting. When you need disinfection, follow up the Soft Scrub oxi cleanser with some Lysol or spray bleach cleaner. Fortunately, Soft Scrub cleanser is also available with bleach for situations like this, although to our knowledge, there’s no oxy cleaning cleanser in the Soft Scrub product line that contains bleach.

Can dry out. With the lid not tightly closed, this oxy product can thicken and become too dry to squeeze out of the bottle and use. Its oxi potency may degrade as well.  So, to head off this problem, keep unused portions in original containers, in a cool, dry place, and make sure the caps are tightly screwed on, and that the snap top lids are clean and tightly snapped shut. If it does dry up, you can generally and effectively reconstitute this product by adding some water.

Our Rating

We like Soft Scrub Oxi Cleanser.  It’s a good enough product to keep at least one bottle around the house, ready to use. The initial releases of this cleanser may have been somewhat more abrasive than today’s oxi version. But this modernized product, even with its dissolving, ultra small scrubbing particles, still cleans effectively, and without nearly as much risk of scratching,. Love it. This cleaner is engineered for today’s delicate appliance surfaces as well. Indeed, they’ve kept with the times, thus. Would therefore rate this cleanser at 93 out of 100.  Improve the aroma, and you’ll get a hundred from us.

Look for it in the white plastic bottle with the red and blue label with yellow lettering, at Walmart or most other larger grocery centers and home stores.

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