Front right view of the JBL Charge 5 Bluetooth speaker.

How Do I Know If My JBL Charge 5 Is Charging

Answers the question: How do I know if my JBL Charge 5 is charging?  Well, you can tell this by running through the recharging routine and looking for the signs we mention below. Make the right connections, watch the lights, feel the warmth, and check for correct playtime after a full charge.

Now you can recharge the 5 through the USB-C charging port at the rear of the speaker. To summarize: First, choose a right size USB power adapter, which we detail below.

Next, connect the Black USB-C cable included with the speaker between the Charge 5 and the power adapter you’re using. The 5 only charges when you connect this cord.

Then plug the adapter into a working wall outlet and note the battery meter.  It should turn to a blinking white.  The 5 is probably charging if you see this.

Also during charging, the charger should get a bit warm. Also, so should the back of the speaker where the cord connects. If there is no warming, then means that  again, the 5 is not charging.

Finally after four to five hours, your speaker finishes recharging. The battery status meter lights fully, and then goes dark. Again when you see this, that’s a pretty good indication that the 5 did charge.

Picture of the JBL Charge 5, front right view.
JBL Charge 5, front right view.

7. Done Answering How Do I Know If My JBL Charge 5 Is Charging !

We have now fully charged the JBL Charge 5. Now one final way to know that the 5 was charging. Check the playtime until the battery goes dead again. If the playtime per charge is very short, then either the battery or charger is faulty. Or the speaker was not charging in the first place.

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