Picture of the front of the Wonderboom 3 speaker.

How to Turn On Wonderboom 3

We explain how to turn on a Wonderboom 3 Bluetooth speaker here.  Now most speakers have a Power button that they prominently position on the unit so it’s easy to find.  Indeed, this speaker is no exception to this rule, since we find its Power button right on top, near the front, as we see next.

Picture of the top of the Wonderboom 3 BT speaker. showing the dark Power button.
Top view of the Wonderboom 3 BT speaker. showing the dark Power button.

The Power button also has a light in it in the shape of a vertical line, that starts glowing when the speaker powers up. This lamp is dark when the speaker is OFF unless you are charging the speaker.  In that case, it glows red.

How to Turn On Wonderboom 3

To power up this speaker, press the Power button. Then release after a quarter second or so.

Moreover, you needn’t hold it in for very long for the unit to see your press and then turn itself on.

Picture of the Wonderboom 3 speaker glowing Power button.
Top view of the Wonderboom 3 speaker. showing the glowing Power button.

When the speaker comes on, the Power button glows, and the unit makes a distinctive sound to let you know that it is now running.

But if pressing the Power button does not start up the speaker, it could be that the battery needs charging.  So if the unit won’t come on, try connecting a USB charger to it.  You can indeed run the speaker as it charges.

Now with a charger connected, this speaker should always power up when you click the Power button.  If it does not, then the unit may not be getting juice from your charger.  Check that the AC outlet for the adapter is live, that the adapter works, that the cable between it and the speaker is okay, and that the charger plug is fully seated in the speaker’s USB port.

But if after all these checks the speaker still does not turn on, then the speaker itself may be defective. In that case, just get a new one.

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