Front right view of the JBL Charge 5 Bluetooth speaker.

JBL Charge 5 How to Connect

Explains the JBL Charge 5 how to connect routine, with common source devices. So these include the iPhone, iPod Touch, and the iPad line of Apple phones and tablets.  A routine with some small variation also works for Android phones and tablets.

JBL Charge 5 How to Connect: Step by Step

With your Charge 5 OFF (power button is dark), run through this routine to pair it to your mobile device. We use an iPad Air tablet in this demo.

1. Visit the Home Screen on Your Mobile Device

Press the Home button to uncover the mobile device’s Home screen.

2. Find the Settings App

So we find ours on the second page of our Home screen.

Screenshot of an iOS Home page showing the Settings app.
An iOS Home screen showing the Settings app.

3. Bring up the Settings App

Thirdly, tap the Settings app icon.

The source device then displays the first page of its settings, as shown in the next step.

4. Go to Bluetooth Settings to Continue with JBL Charge 5 How to Connect

Then the Bluetooth Settings screen displays as follows. Note that our Bluetooth is ON here. But since the Charge 5 is currently OFF, it does not appear in the Bluetooth Devices list. Also, we don’t see it since we’ve never paired this speaker with this iPad Air before. See this as shown in this list of previously paired Bluetooth devices, shown next.

Screenshot of the iOS -Bluetooth Settings- page.
The iOS -Bluetooth Settings- page.

5. Turn On your JBL Charge 5

Turn on the 5 by quickly pressing its Power button. See this pointed at by the green arrow in the next picture.

Picture of the JBL Charge 5, top view, Showing the dark -Power- button.
The JBL Charge 5, top view, Showing the dark -Power- button.

The speaker then powers up.

But since our iPad Air does not know about this speaker, it will not pair automatically.

The light in the Power switch then comes on white.  The white glowing Power button denotes this not-paired state as shown next.

6. Put the Charge 5 into Discovery Mode

Now, to see your JBL Charge 5 on your source BT device, put the speaker into Bluetooth pairing mode. To do that, press and release the Pairing button, as shown in the next picture.

When you press the Bluetooth Pairing button, the speaker makes a repeating single pluck guitar note sound several times. Also, that same button starts flashing white.

Picture of the -Pairing- buttons blinking.
The -Pairing- buttons flashing.

7. Find your JBL Charge 5 on your Source Device

We find our Charge 5, as follows.

Screenshot of the iPad -Bluetooth Settings- page. Showing the JBL Charge 5 as discovered.
The iPad -Bluetooth Settings- page. Showing the JBL Charge 5 as discovered.

8. Connect with your JBL Charge 5

Tap the listed speaker in the Other Devices section of the Bluetooth devices list.

Your mobile device then connects with the speaker (“JBL Charge 5” in this demo).

The device’s Bluetooth Settings screen then changes to look something like the following.

Screenshot of the -JBL Charge 5- now Connected.
The -JBL Charge 5- now Connected.

Note that the JBL Charge 5 now shows as paired.

9. Done with JBL Charge 5 How to Connect !

Finally, we have now successfully paired this power bank speaker with our iPad iPadOS tablet.  Again, this routine also applies when pairing with Apple iPhone and iPod devices. But the screens may differ slightly on the iPhone.

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