Picture of the JBL Clip speaker, powered ON while charging, showing the purple battery indicator lamp.

JBL Clip Factory Reset Instructions

We give here the JBL Clip factory reset directions, that return this Bluetooth speaker to its default settings and state.  This routine works as described next.

Factory resetting restores the Clip to a known-good state. So it often fixes pairing and streaming problems that you may encounter.  Plus, resetting erases any earlier paired Bluetooth devices from the speaker’s memory, which then stops the Clip from pairing to any nearby Bluetooth devices afterwards. Also, you might do this to get the speaker ready or sale or re-gifting, or to stop it from pairing with devices you no longer wish it to pair with whenever you turn it on.

JBL Clip Factory Reset, Step by Step Instructions

1. Turn on the Speaker

Press and hold the Power button until the status lamp lights up blue and the guitar strum sound plays.

Picture of the Power button on the left side of the JBL Clip 1 speaker.
The Power button on the left side of the JBL Clip 1 speaker.

Find the Power button, where the last picture above shows it to be.

Then, the status light comes on, as we see next.

Picture of the blue status light on the front of the speaker.
The blue status light on the front of the speaker.

2. Wait for the Power Up Sound

The speaker makes a blip sound as it boots. The Clip is ready for use after this sound plays.

Now it may or may not pair with a device, depending on whether there are any in-range Bluetooth devices that know about this speaker.  But whether paired or not, factory reset works the same way, as follows.

3. Press the Volume UP and Pairing Buttons Together to Continue with JBL Clip Factory Reset

Find the Pairing and UP Volume buttons.  The Pairing button is toward the top of the left side panel of the speaker.

Picture of the Pairing button.
The Pairing button.

And the Volume UP button is near the top of the right panel, as we point out in the next picture.

Picture of the Volume UP button on the JBL Clip speaker.
The Volume UP button on the JBL Clip speaker.


The Clip then performs the factory reset.

Next, within a second or two, the unit powers off after this short operation completes.  You’ll hear the falling blip sound, and see the status lamp go dark, as we see in the next picture.

Picture of the dark battery indicator lamp.
The dark status lamp.

4. Check that the JBL Clip Factory Reset Did Indeed Happen

Next, power on the Clip One again, as described in step 1.

Note that after a factory reset, the speaker comes up in ready-to-pair mode, with the status lamp rapidly flashing blue.

5. Done with JBL Clip Factory Reset !

The reset is now done. So you may gift or sell the speaker, or pair it again with your favorite Bluetooth devices.

Now after a factory reset, the speaker no longer automatically connects with any previously paired Bluetooth device that’s in range and in Bluetooth pairing mode. Thus, to restore auto-pairing, you would first manually pair the Clip with a desired device. Then after that, any time that both the Clip and that device have Bluetooth turned on, and are in range of one another, pairing would automatically happen again.

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