Picture of the JBL Flip 5 -Connect- button, highlighted.

JBL Flip 5 PartyBoost Explained

Here we describe the JBL Flip 5 PartyBoost option. In summary, PartyBoost lets you join from two to over a hundred compatible JBL speakers together. Then they all play the same program. Thus, you can fill a much bigger party area with sound than you can by playing just one speaker. Now the Flip 5 units can be as far apart as is typical for Bluetooth speakers. So the area you can cover with them is large enough for most small to medium size parties.

JBL Flip 5 PartyBoost: Explained

Use PartyBoost to connect two or more speakers that support it together, in “party mode”. Thus, when joined in this way, they all play the same program. No  echoes or delays between them either.  PartyBoost resembles Amazon’s multi room music groups.  That is, all speakers that join in play the same audio at the same time.

Then, with each speaker ON, you press the PartyBoost button on each one to add  it to the group.

Picture of the -PartyBoost- control on the JBL Flip 5..
The -PartyBoost- control on the JBL Flip 5.

JBL Flip 5 PartyBoost: How to Use

Note that you can mix and match any combination of JBL speakers in this group. That is so as long as they support the PartyBoost protocol.  Most newer speakers from the Flip, Charge, Xtreme, and Boombox series models will work together as we describe next.

    1. Place all speakers within a few feet of each other.
    2. Power up and pair the first (master) speaker to your Bluetooth source device.
    3. Next, power up each additional (slave) speaker.
    4. Press and release the PartyBoost button on the master speaker. The over border around the Power and Bluetooth buttons should then light up, and the speaker makes a rising sound.
    5. Then press and release PartyBoost on each slave speaker in turn.  Again, this oval ring will light on each speaker.
    6. Now when you play something on your source device, you will hear it on all connected speakers.
    7. Finally, you can break the PartyBoost connection by pressing and releasing the PartyBoost button on the “master” speaker. Or, to remove individual slave speakers from the group, just turn off the subject speaker(s).

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