Picture of the glowing orange -CHARGE- lamp on the Sony SRS XP500 speaker.

Sony XP500 Orange Light Stays On

Many Sony speakers, including the SRS XP500, feature a charging status light that illuminates orange while they charge. But sometimes, this light stays on longer than expected.  E.g. It does not switch off after way more than the specified charging time once you connect the charger.  So in this post, we offer reasons that this issue might occur, and recommend possible fixes.

Sony XP500 Orange Light Stays On: Reasons Why

It’s normal that this lamp glows orange while the charger cable is supplying power to the XP500 for up to a few hours, until the battery finishes charging.  Then, under typical circumstances, this light should go dark, whether the speaker is running or not.

Picture of the glowing orange -CHARGE- lamp on the Sony XP500.
The glowing orange -CHARGE- light on the Sony XP500.

But if the orange lamp does not go OFF, a couple things might cause this, and we detail those below.

Picture of the dark Charge lamp on the Sony XP500.
The dark Charge lamp on the Sony XP500.

1. Your AC Receptacle May Be Dead

The Problem

The household power cord you’re using may not deliver any power because it is not receiving any juice to begin with. This can happen due to a broken circuit, tripped circuit breaker, blown fuse, faulty wiring, power failure, and the like.

The Fix

Check that your outlet has power by testing it. E.g. Plug a lamp or other device into it, to see if it works.  Then reset circuit breakers if not.  Also, if the outlet has a light switch that controls it, then be sure that that switch is in the ON position.

2. The Power Supply Inside is Too Weak or is Defective

The Sony XP500 orange light stays on, perhaps, because the charging circuits you have provides SOME, but not ENOUGH, recharging energy. Or, its output power output has grown weak over time.  The speaker has a built in DC charger, that delivers the necessary power to fully recharge the battery in the shortest time of 3 hours. That’s with Battery Care mode OFF, and speaker not running.

One way to fix extremely long or forever charge times, is to replace the internal power supply.  Be sure to use original Sony authorized parts.

3. The Speaker’s Battery Might Be Faulty

As lithium ion batteries get older, they can gradually go bad.  That is, they lose their ability to accept a full charge over time, and the characteristics of the charging current they draw changes also.  Normally, as a battery recharges, it draws less and less charge current.  The Sony XP500 seems to keep track of this.  Then when the charge current falls to a value that it interprets as the battery being fully charged, then it shuts off the orange CHARGE light.  But stale power cells may not behave this way, and instead, continue drawing higher than usual current.  Therefore, the amperage never falls to the fully charged value, and so the orange lamp never turns off.

To fix this, replace the battery, although you can’t easily get to it in the XP 500. Note that replacing the battery means disassembly of the speaker.  Furthermore, taking the speaker apart will likely break the waterproof seal, so that the unit no longer resists damage if you get it wet. Plus, breaking this seal may also change the unit’s sound characteristics. Therefore, battery replacement should be done only by someone who can get the right battery, and can restore the seal as they reassemble the speaker.

4. The Speaker Might be Defective when the Sony XP500 Orange Light Stays On

Even if you have a sufficiently large enough power cable. and you also have a working battery, the charging current that actually reaches the speaker may be too high or too low.  The can happen when the battery management electronics inside the 500 fail.  These circuits monitor the battery and shut off the charging current when they deem the battery as fully charged.  But when they malfunction, the battery might receive no charging current at all.  So it never recharges no matter how long you leave the speaker connected.  Again, in this case, the orange light might never turn off. And you would also notice that the speaker doesn’t play as long before going dead. Or it might not play at all except when you have the adapter connected.

The best solution here is to just replace the speaker.  Why?  Because the circuits in this model are very small.  So unless you can easily swap out the system board(s) yourself, just buy another speaker to save yourself the headache of having to work with very small and delicate components.

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