Picture of the front of the Comcast Xfinity XR2 Version U2 Remote Control.

Xfinity XR2 U2 Remote Review, Comcast

The Xfinity XR2 remote control (version U2) from Comcast comes with many of their newer set top boxes (STBs) and digital video recorders (DVRs).

It appears to control Comcast STBs and DVRs.  But it can control the volume and power settings for a plethora of televisions and remote-enabled AV sound systems.

Picture of the front of the Comcast Xfinity XR2 Version U2 Remote Control.
Comcast Xfinity XR2 U2 remote control, front view.

Benefits, Features, Pros, and Advantages of the Xfinity XR2 U2 Remote

Completely Controls the Comcast Xfinity X1 DVR

See our   review of this DVR   for more details.

Medium Sized, Easy to Read Keys

The colored letter keys (A, B, C, and D) are the smallest on the keypad.  But even they are big enough to support rapid thumb-press access.

Four Colored Function Keys

The yellow, blue, red, and green generic function buttons (A, B, C, and D) that routinely appear these days on state-of-the-art DVR remotes, also feature different shapes as follows.

  • A is a triangle.
  • B is a box [square shape].
  • C is a circle.
  • D is a Diamond.

Thus, this remote is easier for blind and vision-impaired users, who rely more on touch, rather than vision.

Also, these extra buttons you can program if not controlling a smart HD TV with them. We set up two of them already, to ease DVR control.

This Xfinity XR2 U2 Remote Supports All Typical DVR Functions

A large number of push buttons, but fewer than we’re used to seeing on other DVR remotes.  These include the following.

  • TV power.
  • All power.  This turns TV and anything else the remote is configured to control, OFF and ON.  This button however, does not turn off the DVR itself).
  • Volume.
  • Channel select.
  • Mute.
  • Replay (repeat).
  • Rewind.
  • Play / pause.
  • Fast forward.
  • Exit.
  • Xfinity main menu.
  • Record.
  • Guide.
  • Arrow keys.
  • OK.
  • Last.
  • Info.
  • Page up and down.
  • A, B, C, and D buttons.
  • The number keys.
  • Setup button.

Long Life Batteries

Comes packed with a set of two AA batteries.  Any good set of alkaline cells would do nicely.  We use Duracell in ours.

Programming Instructions on Back

This white print on a black background is small.  But you can see it well with a magnifier.

Easy Programming

Uses a “pairing”  protocol, that works a lot like Wifi Protected Setup.  So you need not manually enter codes for most devices.

Battery Door Stays Shut

The battery access door has yet to fall off when we did not want it to, though we’ve dropped this remote several times.

This Xfinity XR2 U2 Remote Controls Up to Three Devices

Supports programs to control the volume and power on the television, and an sound system.  Plus, it controls the set top box / DVR.

No other auxiliary device keys such as a blu-ray player, VCR, or satellite receiver.

Device Code Search Feature

Can pair with Comcast set top boxes without worry about what those device codes are.  Plus, can poll for common TVs and audio systems without ever having to know the codes.

All devices ON / OFF Button

The XR2 V2 offers the all-on and all-off feature via the ALL POWER button, that supports less key presses to turn on or off all devices.  Note though, that this button does NOT switch DVR power on and off.

LED Lit All Power Button

Lights up while commands are sent. Also lights while pairing devices.

Far Reaching Transmitter

The infrared signal that this control emits appears quite strong. We successfully operate a DVR from twenty feet away.  It also works indirectly, by aiming the remote at a white wall.  Similar to the   Philips SRP5107/27 Universal Remote Control, Reviewed here,   except that the Philips can control more types of devices.

Picture of the rear view of the Comcast XR2 V2 Xfinity Remote.
Comcast XR2 V2 Xfinity remote, back view.

Disadvantages, Cons, Problems, and Limitations of the Xfinity XR2 U2 Remote

No Back Light or Glow-in-the-Dark Keys

Hard to find this remote in the dark, and to see the keys to work it, once you do.   On the bright side though: Less battery drain without the back light.  Plus, you may not need a back lamp once you learn this remote well.

Cannot Control an Entire Home Theater System

You get one TV and one audio amp control option.  This remote controls no other devices.

Pairing Works with Only CERTAIN Comcast Devices

This, according to the instructions on the back.  But testing for pairing ability is quite easy.

Hard to Control Bose Soundbars

Much discussions in the internet forums about this controller not working well with Bose AV sound systems.

This Xfinity XR2 U2 Remote Has No Macro Command Programming

This remote does not feature any macro-programmable buttons that would allow you to create multiple commands for sending complex device control options. You might use this to create one-press access to your favorite channel or to start your DVR recording. This feature would be very handy should any of the normal buttons assigned to these operations break down.

No Device Command Learning

This Comcast remote does not learn commands from other remotes.  This makes it still less universal.

Our Rating for the Xfinity XR2 U2 Remote

This Xfinity XR2 remote is by no means the most feature-packed remote on the market.  Nor would we would even call it a “universal” remote, since it can only control a small feature set (volume and power) on a small set of devices (televisions and audio amplifiers).  It’s primarily intended for the Comcast DVRs and STBs as noted earlier.

But for a standard-issue remote, it indeed does well, what Comcast apparently intended; to provide complete remote  control of all the features on their STBs and DVRs, and control of the common functions on popular amplifiers and televisions.  It’s simple to set up to work with equipment found in today’s tech-enabled homes.  This makes this remote a real time saver for cable installers.  It’s snappy to work, and appears well-built and long lasting.  We like it, and thus, rate its overall performance at 94 out of 100.

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