3 In One White Lithium Grease Spray Lube Review

3-In-One   lubes have adorned our workshop shelves for decades.  Several years back, we bought a 10.25-ounce can of  3-In-One Professional White Lithium Grease Spray. With this we hoped to quiet the squeaky baseboard heaters, creaky doors, and squawking glider rocking chairs around the house.  Our impressions of this effective and long-lasting grease lube spray follow.

Benefits, Pros, Features, and Advantages of 3 In One White Lithium Grease Spray Lube

Resists Environmental Extremes

It’s a heat-resistant, moisture resistant spray-on lithium grease lubricant, which made it ideal for use in   Fixing Noisy Baseboard Heaters,  as well as the hinges on my outdoor porch screen doors, shed doors, and squeaky wheelbarrow wheels.

Stops Squeaks

Effectively silences squeaks on both indoor and outdoor appliances.

3 In One White Lithium Grease Lowers Friction

Extends the life of treated parts such as bearings, by reducing friction and wear.

A Little Bit is a Lot

A single can of this spray grease goes a very long way around the house.  We’ve had our can for over half a decade now. Though we’ve applied it on windows, door hinges, casters, the can is still almost full.  Not only does 3-In-One give long-lasting lubrication.  But you need so little besides.  Indeed, one can is all you need for your entire home for years to come.

Quick Drying

After application it dries in less than a minute.  So you needn’t wait long to begin using your so-greased appliances.

Fair Pricing

We paid several dollars for this lubricant spray, which seemed cheap at the time.

3 In One White Lithium Grease has Attached Spray Straw

Features an attached aiming tube that is hinged.  You can extend the nozzle outward from the can when using. Then, fold it back into its vertical position, pointing down, when storing the can.  Thus you never have to remove the straw from the nozzle.  This way, you don’t lose the straw.

Slow Rinse Away

Under normal exposure conditions to water, this lithium grease lubricant does not wash off quickly.


Indeed, this product leaves little behind, except a slippy white grease film that, waterproofs metal-on-metal sites.  Thus this is a highly useful, one-stop lube which works well in many household applications.

Long-Lasting Lubrication and Protection

Remains effective much longer than thinner oils and spray lubricants.

Cleanup is Simple

Just wipe any excess lubricant away with a cloth. Then wash with soap and water any grease left on your skin.

Disadvantages, Cons, Problems, and Limitations of 3 In One White Lithium Grease Spray Lube

Vigorous Can Shaking Needed

You should shake the can profusely before applying, as the silicone often separates from the propellant.

3 In One White Lithium Grease is Highly Flammable While Spraying

And, speaking of propellants, the label says that this spray employs a highly-flammable propellant.  Hmmm.  Seems like they could have used a less volatile gas.  So take great care not to store this can close to sources of sparks or heat.

Creates Intense Fumes

This propelled grease has a very strong odor; particularly when you initially apply it to hot surfaces, as in the element-retaining brackets in electric baseboard heaters.  So we suggest using the 3-In-One white lithium grease lube only in well-ventilated areas.  Also, to cut odor, allow it to dry all the way before working the treated devices.

Not for Precision Lubing

The spray stream can be quite strong and thus difficult to precisely aim and control.  So, when spraying into small areas, you often end up with a white greasy mess. Then most of this grease you must wipe away, thus wasting it.  You can remove any excess from hard surfaces by wiping it up with a paper towel. Still though, you’d likely want to use a non spray grease for jobs that feature very small and intricate parts.

Uses for the 3 In One White Lithium Grease Lube Spray

We enjoyed much success with 3-in-One spray white lithium grease.  For us,  it stopped binding and rough motion in the following applications.

  • Garage doors.
  • All door hinges like those in the home benefit from this grease. So too can appliance doors on refrigerators, freezers, microwave ovens, and basement coal bins.
  • Squeaking and tapping electric baseboard heaters.
  • Hinges on lawn swings, porch swings, as well as metal chains of most any type.
  • Glider rocking chair bearings and joints.
  • Helps loosen bolts and nuts when sprayed on dirty or rusty threads.
  • Sliding windows and glass patio doors.  We sprayed this on the tracks, both top and bottom. Then, these doors usually get much easier to slide.
  • Medium-sized and large fan motors that feature either ball bearings or sleeve bearings.  Works well in either case.  It free up rough shaft spinning, and thus, saves energy.  But this grease may be too thick for small fan bearings.  Bearings such as those in computers.  Use oil or WD-40 for these jobs.
  • Loosens up hose reels and keepers.  Makes them easier to crank and wind up. Plus, this lube fights dirt and grime in moving parts.

Our Rating for 3 In One White Lithium Grease

We like 3-In-One white lithium grease spray lubricant.  That is, except for its strong odor.  It works well and long; and is durable in many applications.  The strong odor of this product notwithstanding, we’d rate this lithium grease at 87 out of 100.

Where To Buy 3 In One White Lithium Grease Professional Lube

Finally, look for the black and blue can with the black and red letters at Lowe’s and Home Depot.  This is a useful lube to keep around the house. Definitely.

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