Blaster Garage Door Lube GDL Spray Review

Blaster GDL garage door lube spray is made to reduce the noises that garage doors make as they operate.  It cuts squeaks, squeals, grinding, screeches, and rough sliding sounds. Plus, it can extend the life of parts that rub or slide together.

Blaster Garage Door Lube GDL Spray Intro

Spray lots of it on the chains, screw drives, rollers, roller bearings, rails, and tracks. Apply it to cables, hinges, wheels, pulleys, runners, and torsion and tension springs too.  It forms a durable silicone coating. This coating slows rusting. And it promotes easier sliding of rusted or corroded surfaces. Further, it deters moisture from settling in on garage door parts.

Regular treating with Blaster GDL garage door lube spray is probably the only yearly upkeep your door will need.  Blaster GDL for garage doors is about the cheapest care in a can you can buy for your door.  It works well on both auto and manual-open garage doors as well as the metal roll-up type doors.  The tracks on sliding glass patio doors can benefit as well from this metal-on-metal lube.  Try it on your squeaking, creaking garage door, and we’re certain that you’ll  hear the difference right away.  GDL makes old garage doors sound new again.

Benefits, Pros, Features, and Advantages of Spray Blaster Garage Door Lube

Resists Water

Indeed, this spray leaves a silicone film behind that gives months of quiet garage door operation.

Blaster Garage Door Lube Spray Resists Temperature and Humidity Extremes

It’s a heat-resistant, moisture resistant aerosol grind reducer. This makes it ideal for fixing noisy garage doors. The silicone film works even better than greases on the bearings and hinges on sliding glass doors.  GDL lowers sliding noises and frees up stubborn doors. It helps them slide on their tracks more easily.

Stops Squeaks

Quiets squeaks on both the inward and outward facing garage door mechanisms.  Effectively loosens hard-to-turn roller wheels.

Lowers Friction

Extends the life of so-coated door parts (such as roller bearings), by reducing friction, noise, and wear.

Sticks Where you Spray It

Strong adhesion to most metals and plastics found on garage doors. It does not oxidize.  Silicone remains silicone almost forever.

Blaster Garage Door Lube Reduces Wear

So treated parts that rub together wear out far less often.  So this product can lengthens the life by years of your garage door.

Rapid Drying

After application it dries in less than a minute.  So you needn’t wait long to begin using your garage door.  In fact, work the door right away to help work the lube into the door’s moving parts.

Decent Pricing

Get this at Lowe’s for less than $6 for the 11 Oz. can.

Long-Lasting Lubrication and Protection

Stays effective much longer than thinner oils, greases, and petroleum-based sprays. Even parts on farm tractors work better for many weeks after treatment. Just keep them out of the rain as much as you can, to preserve the lube effect.

Disadvantages, Cons, Problems, and Limitations of Blaster Garage Door Lube Spray

Vigorous Can Shaking Needed

You should shake the can profusely before applying, as the silicone quickly settles to the bottom.

Blaster Garage Door Lube is Highly Flammable During Spraying

This spray utilizes a highly-flammable propellant.  So take great care not to store this can near or spray it close to open flames. Spray well away from sparks, arcing, grindstones, and any other ignition sources.

Creates Strong Fumes

This spray has a very strong odor before it dries; particularly when you apply it to hot surfaces. E.g. The retaining brackets in electric baseboard heaters.  So we suggest spraying only in well-vented areas.  Also, to lower the odor, allow the spray to dry all the way before working treated parts.

Not for Precise Lubing

The spray stream can be strong. Thus it is hard to precisely aim and control.  Now it’s easy to squirt it from too far away. In this case, the stream often spreads out too much.  It then saturates much more area around the target joint than you perhaps wanted. But spray too close, and the lube back splashes.  It may even hit you.  So be sure to wear eye protection when spraying.

Also, spraying into small areas often creates a slippery mess. So most of the silicone you must wipe away, thus wasting it.  Yes, most of the excess comes off of hard surfaces by wiping it up with a damp paper towel. But to avoid waste when lubing small parts, we suggest a non spray slicking agent. E.g. Like powdered graphite or a thicker grease. Getting the spray pressure just right is hard with this aerosol.

Use sparingly on visible surfaces.

Blaster Garage Door Spray Lube can be Hard to Clean Up

You might get stains. These can result if this product oozes or splatters onto surrounding areas.  Warning: These are hard to clean from porous materials.  E.g. Wood and cloth.  So, aim and spray this lube carefully. If you do not, then you will create a longer cleanup job for yourself.  We suggest holding a paper towel behind the area you’re spraying, to catch any spray overshoot.

Our Rating for Blaster Garage Door Lube

We’re pleased with this garage door silicone lube spray, except for its strong and flammable fumes.  It works well and is long lasting in many scenarios. It works well on garage door bearings that are later tightly covered.  So with all that said, we rate this at 95 out of 100.

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