Picture of the Sony SRS XB23 speaker, connected and finished charging.

How to Connect Two Sony Bluetooth Speakers Together

The ST Pair function on the Sony speaker models allows you to connect two Sony Bluetooth speakers together to form a stereo (L + R) set.  So in this piece, we show you how to use this feature to enjoy more life like sounding music from this speaker.  The only extra cost is that you must have two of the same speaker, to get the stereo sound with wide separation.

We show this here using the Sony SRS XB13 model. But a similar routine works on the other models that support this.

Picture of the -ST PAIR- light on the Sony SRS XB13. How to Connect Two Sony Bluetooth Speakers.
Sony SRS XB13 -ST PAIR- lamp dark.

How to Connect Two Sony Bluetooth Speakers Together, Step by Step

1. Prepare the Speakers

    1. Start with both speakers powered OFF.
    2. Power up both speakers, and watch for the Pairing lamp to begin flashing each one. If either speaker connects with a nearby Bluetooth device, you need to break that connection.  So turn off Bluetooth on the nearby BT device or shut down that device altogether.

2. Initiate Stereo Pairing

    1. Press and hold the ST PAIR button on one of the speakers for around three seconds, until that speaker beeps. At this point, both the Bluetooth and ST PAIR lamps on this speaker flash. Then after five (5) seconds, the ST PAIR lamp stops flashing and glows steadily.
    2. Next, on the the second speaker, press and hold the ST PAIR button for approximately three (3) seconds until its  Power / Pairing and ST PAIR lamps flash.  Note that you have one minute to do this after putting the first speaker in Add mode.  Otherwise, that speaker times out, and reverts to a single speaker configuration. If this happens, power down both speakers, and start over with step 1.
    3. You’ll shortly thereafter hear a beep.  Then the ST PAIR lamps on both speakers glow steadily and the Bluetooth light on the second speaker goes out while that same light on the first speaker continues blinking. Your two speakers are now linked to each other.

3. Pair your Source BT Device to This Sony Speaker

    1. Now connect the source device to the stereo pair set by going to the Bluetooth settings page on your source device, and connecting to the speaker set (should appear on your device as “SRS-XB13” here). When you make the connection, the Bluetooth light on the first speaker begins glowing steadily, and you are now ready to enjoy stereo sound from your two Sony Bluetooth speakers.
Picture of the glowing ST PAIR lamp on the Sony speaker SRS XB13.
The glowing ST PAIR lamp on the Sony speaker SRS XB13.

Note that the speaker with the glowing Bluetooth lamp is the primary speaker in the stereo set.  So that means that it is the one you would work to answer a call by pressing the Play-Pause-Phone button.

Also, the speakers will remain connected together even after you turn them off.  This just means that the next time you turn one of them on, it will look for the other one in the ST PAIR set to connect with.  And if either speaker does not find the other after one (1) minute, then it reverts to single speaker operation.

How to Break the Two Sony Bluetooth Speakers Link

To end this speaker joining, while both speakers are powered up and connected to each other, press and hold the Pairing button on one of them for approximately three (3) seconds.

Picture of the -Bluetooth- button on the Sony SRS XB13 speaker.
The -Bluetooth- button on the Sony SRS XB13 speaker.

Release the button when you hear a beep. The stereo pairing has now been dissolved.

Done with How to Connect Two Sony Bluetooth Speakers Together !

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