Picture of the Amazon Echo Sub woofer, showing the front top view.

Echo Sub Reset Instructions

Here, we show the Echo Sub reset instructions for this Alexa smart sub woofer to restore it back to factory default operation.  But why would you ever do this?  Well, you may decide to sell or give this smart speaker to another person.  Or link it to a different Amazon account.  Or connect it to a different WiFi network.  In all these scenarios, factory resetting is the best way to clean out all old account data from the Sub.  Resetting gets it ready to use on a new account and / or WiFi network.  Resetting also breaks any stereo speaker pairing in which the Echo Sub was a part.

To reset the Echo Sub and unlink it from its current Amazon Alexa account, follow the instructions below.

Note that if you’re just trying to fix erratic speaker behavior, you may not need to do a complete default reset. So, before resetting the Sub, try powering it down for fifteen seconds.  That is, disconnect its AC cable either from the wall receptacle, or from the speaker.  Best though to unplug it from the wall.

Then, wait ten to fifteen seconds.

Finally, plug it back in. Rebooting often restores normal operation. But if not, read on for the proper reset procedure.

Once you run Echo Sub reset, you’ll no longer be able to control the Sub from the Echo account where you last set it up.  So to regain that control via that account, run through the setup procedure again.  There, relink the speaker to that account again via the Alexa app.

Reset Echo Sub Instructions, How To

1. Attach Wall Power Cable

First, connect this sub woofer Echo speaker to its AC power adapter cord, as shown next.

Picture of the Alexa Echo Sub woofer, showing the rear view with its Action button highlighted. Echo Sub reset.
Alexa Echo Sub woofer, showing the rear view with its Action button highlighted. Echo Sub reset.

2. Next, Plug the Power Cable into a Live AC Outlet

Then, wait for the Echo Sub to finish powering up.  It’s done when the Action button on the back either goes completely dark, or starts flashing orange and yellow.

3. Next, Press and Hold the Action Button for 5 to 10 Seconds

Depress the Action button until the light dot in its middle turns orange.  Note that this Sub Echo speaker does not announce that it’s in setup mode. Indeed, the orange-yellow flashing Action button is the only indication you get that the speaker has in fact reset and entered setup mode.  See the orange Action button shown next.

Picture of the Echo Sub woofer rear panel, speaker in Setup mode, showing the orange action button highlighted. Echo Sub reset.
Echo Amazon Sub woofer rear panel, speaker in Setup mode, showing the orange action button highlighted. Echo Sub reset.

4. Finally, What Happens After Echo Sub Reset?

Your Echo Sub sub woofer is now restored to its factory default settings and has entered setup mode, as shown in the last picture, with the Action button flashing orange and yellow.

Pack it Up or Set it Up Again

After Echo Sub reset, you may now transfer your Echo Sub to another person without worry that they’ll have access to the Alexa settings on your personal Amazon account. Or, you can set up the sub again on your own account. But if selling, we suggest that you pack the sub woofer in its original carton as shown next, for safest shipping, as shown in the next picture.

Note that if you want to add the Sub back to the same Amazon account it was before Echo Sub reset and connect it to the same WiFi network, press and hold in the Action button one more time for five to ten seconds.  This reloads the Echo Sub with the settings prior to resetting.  For this to work however, you must put the Echo Sub in range of at least one of the WiFi networks you’ve saved to your Amazon account.

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