Picture of the Google Mini speaker with its Reset button held in.

Google Home Mini Reset Button

Where is the reset button on Google Home Mini speaker? Most smart speakers do indeed have a reset button. Or at least, there’s a reset button combination that you press when you want to factory reset the unit.  So you use this button or button combination to reset these speakers when they behave in strange ways, or when you want to move them to a new place or onto a new WiFi network.  Indeed, the Google Home Mini has a button just for resetting it. Thus, it’s good to know where to find it, as you’ll probably need to use it at least a few times while you own the speaker.

Where is the Reset Button on Google Home Mini Smart Speaker

So we find this single-purpose button on the bottom (underside) of the speaker. Additionally, it’s in the orange area, near the power port, pointed at by the blue arrow in the next picture. They put it here to prevent accidental resets.

Picture of the Google Home Mini speaker, bottom view, showing the reset button highlighted.
Google Home Mini speaker, bottom view, showing the reset button highlighted.

Now with the speaker turned on, press and hold this button with your index finger for five to ten seconds.  Doing this then starts a factory default hard reset of the Google Home Mini. So it clears out any stored Bluetooth and WiFi connections from the Mini’s memory.  A reset restores the speaker to factory default, out-of-box settings.

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