Picture of the rear of the Sony SRS XP500 karaoke party speaker charging.

How to Charge Sony XP500

This piece covers how to charge the Sony XP500 party Bluetooth speaker. Do this easily through the line voltage input port, behind the water resistant door, as we’ll show in the pictures below.

Note that you can still play this speaker while it charges, without raising the recharge time much.

In summary: First, the unit comes with a suitable cable.  But the power supply adapter module is inside the speaker. So all you need is the “cheater” style power cable to charge this unit.  Thus, there’s no separate power adapter to lose. But if you can’t find the cord, then be sure to pick a thick enough replacement.  This particular speaker requires 76 watts. So the cable should be able to carry at least 4 amps.  But typical cables available like this one carry 6 or 7 amps. In fact, the one that comes with the speaker indicates that it can deliver 125 volts at 7 amps. So we suggest not using any cable with lower ratings on this speaker.

Next, connect the speaker end of the AC cord to the speaker and plug the other end into a working AC outlet

Then after three or so hours, the XP500 finishes charging.  So it’s ready to play once more for up to twenty (20) hours (best case) before needing another recharge.

How to Charge Sony XP500: Step by Step

1. Choose Correct Size AC Cord

Firstly, the cheater cord you use should handle 120 volts at 7 amps.  Here, we use the cord that Sony includes with this speaker.  Note that the XP500 has no USB port specifically for recharging its battery.

2. Open the Port Cover

Then use a fingernail, dime, penny, or small screwdriver to work open the waterproof seal port cover on the back XP500. See the closed power port door in the next picture.  Be careful not to scratch the delicate seal around the inside edge of this door.

Picture of the closed port door in the rear of the Sony XP500.
The closed port door in the rear of the Sony XP500.

So prying open this door exposes the AC input charging port inside, as we see next, pointed at by the green arrow.

Picture of the AC power input port.
The AC power input port.

3. Power OFF the Unit to Continue with How to Charge Sony XP500 

Note that the SRSXP500 still charges when powered ON.  But it might charge a little faster when turned OFF. So for the absolute fastest charge, switch off the speaker during charing.

4. Plug the AC Cord into the Speaker

Then, plug the matching end of that cable into the port, as seen in the next shot.

Picture of the charging cable plugged into the AC input port.
The charging cable plugged into the AC input port.

Warning: Only use the AC input port for charging the speaker.  Do not use either of the USB-A ports, as these are for for power output only or thumb drive use.  So, feeding power into these USB ports will not only fail to recharge the 500, but this could also damage the electronics inside.

5. Plug the Power Cord into a Working Wall Receptacle

Now that we connect the 500 and our cord, we then plug the mains end of the cable into a working AC outlet, as we see next.

Picture of the speaker connected to AC power.
The speaker connected to AC power.

The CHARGE lamp lights up steady orange. And while no battery status gauge shows percentage of charge, the glowing lamp means that charging is occurring, as we see next.

Picture of the glowing orange -CHARGE- lamp on the Sony XP500.
The glowing orange -CHARGE- light on the Sony XP500.

6. Let the XP 500 Charge Until the CHARGE Light Goes Out

Then full battery charging completes when the CHARGE lamp in the top button panel shuts off, as the next shot shows.

Picture of the dark Charge lamp on the Sony XP500.
The dark Charge lamp on the Sony XP500.

7. Unplug the Charging Cable from the Speaker, to Continue with How to Charge Sony XP500

8. Fully Close the Port Door / Cap

Note that unless you seat the port cap securely, water may soak the ports behind it. And, since water and electronics generally do not work well together, getting these connectors wet may damage their sensitive contacts. So be sure to press this door closed with enough force to fully seat it, for maximum moisture protection.

9. Done with How to Charge Sony XP500

At last, we have now fully charged the XP500.

Finally, repeat this recharging every twenty hours of play, or any time the speaker says, “please charge,” to keep the battery in top condition for years to come. Or if you do not use the speaker for a long time, at least top off the battery charge every six months or so.

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