Picture of the iWorld Sonic Earbuds with Microphone, before removing from the package.

iWorld Sonic Earbuds Review

We examine the iWorld Sonic Earbuds with Microphone in this iWorld earbuds review.  Once again, an offering like this has dubbed iWorld as a provider of highly affordable, decent over all quality accessory products for the iPhone/iPad and MP3 player markets.

Many consider iWorld buds and earphones an acceptable alternative to the much more pricey, yet generally better performing offerings from Apple, Skullcandy, and JBL et al.  These are among the best communications grade headsets, but among the worst sounding in-ear monitors we’ve ever tested.

As cheap ear buds though, you cannot beat the quality per dollar you get here, as is typical with most iWorld brand accessories. The quality is enough to be reasonably functional, but the price is low enough that you need not fear breaking them, using them out in the weather, and simply just being careless with them.

Buds like these make a great first-pair of headphones for the very young, novice listener / phone user. Make sure your youngster won’t destroy these, before advancing him to better-sounding, higher-priced models.

Picture of the iWorld Sonic Earbuds with Microphone, before removing from the package.
iWorld Sonic Earbuds with microphone. iWorld Sonic earbuds review.

iWorld Sonic Earbuds Benefits, Features, Pros, and Advantages


Very cheap; less than $15.  Bought ours for $5 at Gabriel Brothers.

Reliable 3.5 mm Connector

Gold plated audio connection plug; surprising for buds that cost so little.

Low-Tangle Cable

Flat ribbon cable that reduces tangling incidents, which is nice and long also, at nearly four feet from the gold plug tip to buds.

These iWorld Sonic Earbuds Have Non Resonant Housing

The microphone and earbuds are made of a hard plastic that does not appear to color the sound appreciably.

Strain Relief

Flexible strain relief provided at the plug end of the wire.

Hands-Free Operation

Supports hands-free mobile phone conversations by way of the inline microphone.  The mic dangles near your mouth while wearing these particular iWorrld earbuds, and so, requires no hands to hold it.  It picks up your voice with even better clarity than if you held your cell phone up to your mouth.

Remote Control Button on Microphone

The mic also includes a play/pause answer/hang up button.

The iWorld Sonic Earbuds Support about All Phones and Media Players

Works with iPod, iPad, iPhone, Galaxy, and most Android devices.

Closed Air Design

No vents at the rear of each earbud.  This cuts noise entry from outside, and also reduces escape of noise inside to the outside.  You can listen loud, without bothering people near to you, much.

Rugged Design

The thicker than usual cable, larger earphones, microphone, and easy-grip plug look like they could stand up to rough service.  Again, another quality not expected in such a bargain-basement priced set of ear buds.

In fact, the very presence of the mic gives us pause, wondering how they could build such a feature-rich yet cheap product.

Best for Speech

Great for hands-free cell phone chats.  The audio response seems to suit phone talks best.  The built-in mic, callers report, sounds quite clear.

Full Bass on the iWorld Sonic Earbuds

Handles bass music frequencies quite well.  No rattling, buzzing, clicking, or distortion noted at moderate to loud listening levels.

Produces Plenty of Volume

For the frequencies that these produce, the 10 millimeter drivers are highly efficient.  The powerful magnets inside make this possible.

Included Accessories

Instruction manual and three sizes of ear inserts included.

The Hugo of Earbuds

Limited in great sound.  But the iWorld Sonic earbuds are decent for how little they cost.

The iWorld Sonic Earbuds are Available in Different Colors

We’ve seen the bright pink (like ours), and black so far.

Replaceable Ear Inserts

These driver units are of a pretty standard size so that the inserts from other iWorld earbud sets as well as from other brands, fit this set well.

iWorld Sonic Earbuds Disadvantages, Cons, Problems, and Limitations

No Volume Control

Lousy Fidelity for Music

If you’re “all about the base,” and, “no treble,” then you’ll like how iWorld Sonic earbuds sound.  But if you like an all-inclusive, full MP3 musical response, then steer clear of these earbuds.

In Ear Design

The ends of the buds touch the eardrum when fully inserted; a rather intimate audio plug to be sure.

The iWorld Sonic Earbuds Have No Microphone Strain Relief

No flexible strain relief provided for the cables at the entrances to the mic unit, or the earbuds themselves.  This may not be a serious problem though, as the cables are highly flexible.  Indeed, they may need no strain relief at all.  Time will tell.

Poor Fitting

The buds do not stay securely in the ears for long.  While the greater mass of the cables and parts establishes this product as among the more durable headphones, the added weight can also lead to frequent dislodging of the buds.  We often must reach up and press and twist them in again.  Using the largest provided inserts however, minimizes this irritating problem.

Earbud Body Too Long

Our ears are rather shallow.  So even when fully inserted, the stems of the iWorld Sonic earbuds protrude a bit too much. This can cause them to fall out often.  So, these would be a bad choice for sports applications, as a mere few minutes of jogging would jog them loose.

No Carrying Pouch

But you could use the original packaging if you really needed one.

Picture of the back of the box of the iWorld Sonic Ear Buds with Mic.
iWorld Sonic Ear Buds with Mic

iWorld Sonic Earbuds Specifications Specs

  • Ear bud driver size: 10 mm.
  • Frequency Response: 20 – 20,000 Hz. (Skeptical of this.)
  • Impedance: 32 ohms.
  • Plug: 3.5 mm.
  • Sensitivity: 108 DB.
  • Cord length: 47.2 inches.

Our Rating for iWorld Sonic Earbuds

As hands-free buds for cell phone use, we consider these buds with microphone, top-of-the-line in their price range.  Indeed, earbuds like this increase the pleasure of writing earphones reviews like this, particularly whenever we discover such a great value earphone set.

But we’d not recommend this headset for even casual music listening.  Indeed, the discerning audiophile would certainly laugh at the less than optimal high frequency clarity.

But for a discount price of $5, we expected no more than this tier of quality.  Clearly, this product was designed for the cell phone user and not the picky iPod music customer.

So over all, we’d rate these earbuds at 90 out of 100.  If you really can’t abide the medium-to-low sound quality here, at least you’ll have some high quality ear insert cushion pads for cheap.  These you can use on more expensive headphones.  We had lost an insert from a $50 pair of buds, and found that one of the extras from this set fit them well.

Where to Buy iWorld Sonic Earbuds with Microphone

Look for these earbuds in the white box with vibrant pink lettering and backing at many discount shops.  But we’ve not seen any iWorld products at Walmart or Radio Shack.  So iWorld items can be hard to find.  We found ours at the Gabriel Brothers discount store here in Altoona, PA.

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