iWorld Sonic Earbuds Review

We examine the iWorld Sonic Earbuds with Microphone in this iWorld earbuds review.  Once again, an offering like this has dubbed iWorld as a provider of highly affordable, decent over all quality accessory products for the iPhone/iPad and MP3 player markets. Many consider iWorld buds and earphones an acceptable alternative to the much more pricey, yet generally better performing offerings … Continue reading iWorld Sonic Earbuds Review

iWorld iPhone iPod Wall Charger Review

We bought several of the   iWorld iPhone iPod Wall Charger   units a couple years back because we do a lot of iPod listening, on several iPod Nanos and iPod Touches. So we always have at least one (and sometimes, two) iPods charging.  Back when we had just a single iPod wall charger, being stuck … Continue reading iWorld iPhone iPod Wall Charger Review

iWorld Stealth Earbuds Review

They refer to these iWorld Stealth Earbuds as Stealth Sound, presumably, because those around you will not hear your music if you’re properly wearing these. As is typical for iWorld, they again devised a cheap, reasonably well performing headset for CD and MP3 player users. The Stealth Sound series is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and … Continue reading iWorld Stealth Earbuds Review

iWorld Matrix Earbuds with Mic Headset Review

In this iWorld earbuds review, we focus on the iWorld Matrix Neons Earbuds line of noise isolating, in-ear headphones. Key features include the following. Highly flexible cables. A microphone for hands-free operation of cell phones, iPods, and Android media players Bright pink and lime green in color. Cost less than ten dollars.  Often however, they … Continue reading iWorld Matrix Earbuds with Mic Headset Review

iWorld Car Charger Review

As avid mobile iPod users, we bought one of the iWorld iPhone iPod Car Charger   units.  We needed this more as our lot of mobile devices grew along with our like of playing them in the car. But not riding every day, buying a $30 vehicle charger seemed silly.  That is, until this iWorld … Continue reading iWorld Car Charger Review