Picture of the Go 2 JBL speaker, front view, powered ON with the charger connected. The Go 2 is showing fully charged, with its steady or blinking white lamp highlighted. It's fully charged in either case.

JBL Go 2 Charging Indicator

The JBL Go 2 has a single LED near the top of the front panel.  This displays battery status. It shows whether it’s draining or charging, or whether it’s critically low or not when discharging.  But this light does not read out charging progress. Nor does it show battery percentage or how full the battery is. Nor does it show how much power remains in the battery when discharging. But it does change color when the battery reaches near-dead state. So in this piece, we describe how to read the JBL Go 2 Charging Indicator lamp.

JBL Go 2 Charging Indicator: How to Read the Light

1. The Charging Indicator Lamp is OFF 

When you power down the Go 2, this lamp goes dark when the battery is not charging.  The lamp is also dark when the charger IS present, but charging is complete.

Picture of the JBL Go 2 showing a full charge with its dark status lamp.
The JBL Go 2 showing a full charge with its dark status lamp.


2. JBL Go 2 Charging Indicator Shows Battery Recharging Progress

The status lamp lights up red (no flashing) while the speaker charges, as shown in the next picture.   On this speaker, the glowing light is the only visual indication that charging is going on.  But it does not display how far along the charging is.

Picture of the steady red glowing status light, meaning that the speaker is charging.
The steady red glowing status light, meaning that the speaker is charging.

Note that this lamp blinks red when the battery is critically low while the speaker is running on battery power. This indicates that a recharge is necessary.  But when you apply adequate USB power, this red flashing light turns to a solid red.  Also note that this light never flashes red while charging is occurring.

3. When the Light Goes Out While Charging, Then Charging is Complete

As speaker charging continues, the light keeps glowing red.  But eventually, battery finishes charging.  And then the lamp goes out, or turns white to show this.  It turn off when the speaker is OFF, and turns white when it is ON.

4. The JBL Go 2 Charging Indicator Is Not Much of a Battery Charge Remaining Meter

When unplugged from the charger, what was the charging indicator becomes the battery charge left indicator.  Well sort of.  If it glows white, then the battery has some amount of play time left, although you cannot tell how much.

The next picture shows a JBL Go 2, powered ON, with the battery status lamp glowing solid white.  Note though that this light blinks white, when the speaker has no pairing session active.

Picture of the -Power / Status- lamp glowing white.
The -Power / Status- lamp glowing white.

This light indeed gives some indication about battery status when not charging. But only when the battery hits very low levels.  Then, it starts flashing red, as mentioned above.

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