Picture of the front top view of the Sony SMP-N200 Network Media Player.

Sony Streaming Media Player SMP-N200 Review

The Sony Streaming Media Player SMP-N200 makes a dumb TV into a smart one.  Further, it down-converts internet content into standard definition format. But it also provides HDMI and optical digital outputs as well.

This streaming media box revs up the older dumb TVs, making them smart, and internet enabled.

We owned this set top player for roughly five years. Indeed, we found it a simple way to play internet content on our older, SD TVs.

Setup of the SMP-N200 takes five to ten minutes. This involves connecting the cables and to a home WiFi network.  You also register this device with Netflix, if you wish. But you need high speed internet for Netflix.

Sony Streaming Media Player SMP-N200 Benefits, Features, Advantages, and Pros

Play Popular Internet Media Sources

This streaming media player can access many popular internet video and audio content providers. These include…

  • Netflix.
  • The Sony Entertainment Network.
  • Hulu.
  • Pandora.
  • YouTube Videos.
  • Vudu HD Movies.
  • Slacker.
  • Berliner Philharmoniker.
  • Flixter.
  • CinemaNow.
  • Oracle It’s On.
  • Et al.

Browse the Web on your TV

The SMP-N200 has a built-in web browser. This gives you basic web browsing ability. It supports JavaScript, cookies, and SSL. Plus, you can have many windows open at the same time and toggle between them. Further, you can bookmark pages for later (and much easier call-up). You can also set the start page (home page), cancel loading of a slow page, and refresh a page. A zoom function lets you enlarge page sections for easier viewing.

This Sony Streaming Media Player Includes NTSC Video and Stereo Audio Cable

It comes with an NTSC video / audio cable, but also provides HDMI, optical, and component video outputs. However, you must provide your own cables for these options.

Wi-Fi and Ethernet Support

It connects to the Internet via either Ethernet or WiFi, utilizing your home broadband network.

Numerous AV Technologies Included

The SMP-N200 features the following media technologies.

  • Dolby Digital Plus.
  • DTS 2.0 + Digital Out.
  • Xvid HD 1080.
  • HDMI.
  • AVC HD.
  • PhotoTV HD.
  • Wi-Fi Protected Setup.
  • Bravia Sync.
  • DLNA.
  • USB.
  • Energy Star.

Plays Content from USB Thumb Drives

The SMP-N200 also plays content from a USB storage device.  So, it has a USB port on the side. This is for thumb drives, disk drives, memory card readers, et al.

This Sony Streaming Media Player Plays All the Popular Digital Video and Audio Formats

The Sony SMP-N200 streamer supports a wide array of video, picture, and audio file formats. These include…

  • Xvid,
  • MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4,
  • AVC,
  • WMV9,
  • AVCHD,
  • MKV,
  • JPEG,
  • MPO,
  • GIF,
  • PNG,
  • MP3 AAC, HE-AAC,
  • WMA9 Standard,

The Remote Control

The player also comes with a remote control (the RMT-D302). Use this during setup and to play content after setup.

The SMP-N200 Streaming Media Player by Sony Works with Most High-Speed Internet Services

This player has low broadband speed needs. Indeed, it plays well at 2.5 Mbps for standard definition, and 10 Mbps for HD streaming video.

This Sony Streaming Media Player Supports Many Common Video Formats

The Sony SMP-N200 lets you stream programs from the internet to most any TV.  The single caveat is that the TV must accept either HDMI, component video, or composite video input.

Smart Phones and Tablets can Control this Sony Streaming Box

Further, you can control this player with WiFi-enabled smart phones and iPod Touch. These can function as full-featured remotes for the SMP-N200.

This Sony Streaming Media Player Supports 3 Dimensional Video Content

You can also play 3D content if you have a 3D  TV, and the eyeglasses.

Printed Owners Manuals Included

They provide a quick-start guide as well as thoroughly-detailed user’s guides.

Telephone Support

Call 1-800-222-SONY (7669). By following this guide, I was able to begin watching Internet on my old television in less than ten minutes.

Simple Set Up

But you likely will not need phone support.  Why?  Because the setup process is straight-forward and pretty easy.  Indeed we hit no unexpected problems.

Looks and Sounds Great

The picture and sound quality are as good as content from DVD players; particularly when you use the component video outputs.

Straight Forward Sony Streaming Media Player Device Registration

Registering the product is easy. But doing so requires a computer connected to the Internet. Point your browser at http://www.sony.com/productregistration to register. You’ll need the product serial number shown on the n200’s carton as well as on the unit itself.

Streaming to a Group of Devices

Other compatible devices can “listen in” on what this device is playing via the party streaming feature. But you must connect these “guest” devices to the same network as the SMP-N200.  Further, they also mist support this feature.

Checks for Firmware Updates

The smp-n200 detects and alerts the user to new software updates. Indeed, such an alert occurred as we ran through the setup procedure. The updating was quick and painless. The unit powered off automatically after the new software downloaded and installed.

Stereo Audio Outputs

Further, the stereo audio outputs connect to an AV receiver / amplifier, for better sound.

Included Power Adapter

The 12-volt, 1.4-amp AC switching power supply adapter powers the SMP-N200.  This supply is a bit over-rated (a good thing).  How?  Because the media box itself only draws 0.85 amps. So you have a bit of headroom between available power, and what the player actually draws.

Numerous Streaming Apps Built In

Once you finish setup, you come to the main menu. This is a simple list of apps. So you access these with the UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT, and ENTER keys in the remote’s ring control. How to work each app is clear once you enter the app.

Common Screen Formats

Plus, you can adjust screen formats (16:9, 4:3, and HD modes).

Parental Controls 

These prevent viewing of adult content by a child’s eyes.

A Handy Troubleshooting Guide

Standby / Sleep Mode

The SMP-N200 has two modes of “standby.” The one is more OFF than the other, and consumes less power thus. However, upon start-up, the unit requires more boot time than the faster-startup standby mode. The drawback of this near instant-ON mode, is that the unit uses more standby power. It’s nice though, that Sony gives the buyer this power management option.

Full HDMI Support

Video and audio quality are very good; particularly when playing through an HDMI television or monitor.

Sony Network Media Player SMP-N200 Rear View, showing the power input, NTSC and component video outputs, HDMI port, optical port, and LAN Ethernet port.
Sony Network Media Player SMP-N200 rear view. Showing the power input, NTSC and component video outputs, HDMI port, optical port, and LAN port.

Sony Streaming Media Player SMP-N200 Disadvantages, Problems, Limitations, and Cons

Must Use Remote to Access Features

You can access most SMP-N200 features via the RMT-D302 remote control. But this can become a problem should the battery in the remote die, or the remote breaks. The media player itself has no control buttons on it unfortunately. So the remote is the only way to control it.

The SMP-N200 Streamer Does Not Control your Television Power

This means that you must turn your TV and the player on with two separate remotes, to see N200 content. Instead, a switched AC outlet would be nice here. This would allow a single button to turn on and off both the SMP-N200 and the TV.

Hard to Replace Battery

The battery in the RMT-D302 is a CR2032 button battery. But we often cannot find this at all stores that sell other batteries. Furthermore, you need a sharp object to open up the battery holder. We find that this door does not pry open easily however.

No Copyright Protected Content Support

This WiFi media box will not play copy-protected content.

The Warranty is Not Long Enough

The unit comes with a chintzy 90-day limited warranty. But they did offer to upgrade this to one year at the store. We declined though.

This Sony Streaming Media Player Does Not Come Back ON After Firmware Update

After a software update, the SMP-N200 powers itself off but does not come back on. You must manually power it up again with the remote.

Requires a Sony Style Account to Operate

To use the SMP-N200, you must set up a Sony Style account at their website. But the manual details this process well.  See the   SMPN200 Operating Instructions  for details.

Lousy Virtual Keyboard

Entering URLs into the built-in web browser (via what Sony calls, “the software keyboard”) is a bit cumbersome. Nor does the browser support all state-of-the-art web browser technologies according to the manual. This means that some websites will not work well through the SMP-N200.

App Icons on the Sony SMP-N200 Streaming Media Player are Hard to See on SDTVs

Particularly when viewing on standard definition televisions, it’s hard to make out the details of the icons.  This can make learning how to use this player tough.   But, once we learned the shapes and colors of these icons, finding our preferred content got much easier.  Nonetheless, they could improve the visuals, for sure.

Surprisingly Long Netflix Start Time

The Netflix app takes a well over twenty seconds to begin playing a show. Indeed, it is slow like this on a 75 mbps down / 5 mbps up internet service.  This seems too long, and they could shorten it a bit.  How? By better optimizing the streaming speed tests. These happen EVERY time you start watching a move. These test themselves take a fair amount of time to complete.

Poor Quality Power Supply

The 12-volt power supply failed on us after less than three years.

They No Longer Sell the Sony SMP-N200 Streaming Media Player in the Sony Store

Apparently, the SNP-N200 has reached EOL.

Our Rating on the SMP-N200 Sony Streaming Media Player

But we found this a highly useful device for breathing new life into our older, “dumb” TVs. Further, its cheaper price, software updating, and much program content ensure that it will work for years to come. So hopefully, it will outlast the SDTV upstairs. Thus we rate this home media streamer at 94 out of 100.

Where To Buy The Sony Streaming Media Player SMP-N200

At last, we bought our SMP-N200 streamer at Walmart. But you could buy this device once at Best Buy, and on Amazon, eBay, and others.  While you can still buy it  used, and as new old stock, major stores no longer carry the N200.

Picture of the Sony Media Player SMP-N200 with Top Cover Removed, Internal View from Top Back.
Sony Media Player SMP-N200 with Top Cover Removed, Interior View from Back Top.

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