JBL Charge 3 Not Charging

Most Bluetooth speakers, including the JBL Charge 3, offer off-grid operation via an internal battery. And when that portable power goes dead, you can recharge it via an AC or car adapter. To facilitate recharging this speaker, you can use a USB 2 charger that delivers 5 volts at 2.3 amps. Sometimes though, the JBL … Continue reading JBL Charge 3 Not Charging

How to Charge JBL Charge 3

You can recharge many JBL speakers conveniently via the hidden USB charge port. To summarize how to charge JBL Charge 3: First, choose a right sized USB power adapter. Next, connect the orange micro USB cable included with the speaker between the Charge 3 and the included power adapter. Next, plug the adapter into a … Continue reading How to Charge JBL Charge 3