Picture of the Microsoft Invoke Cortana speaker light pattern, as displayed when the speaker is talking.

Invoke Cortana Reset Button, Where is It

Here, we show you how to find the Invoke Cortana reset button on the Harman Kardon Invoke speaker.  The mic mute button. It’s the only button on the back of the unit. It also serves as the  RESET button. This button is easy to get at, as it is not deeply recessed.  So be careful not to reset the speaker by accident.

Quickly pressing and letting go of this button toggles mic muting on and off.  But pressing and holding this button in restores factory default settings. Thus, it erases current connection and account data in the speaker.

Picture of the RESET button on the Harman Kardon Invoke Cortana speaker, as highlighted by the purple arrow.
Harman Kardon Invoke Cortana speaker, showing its RESET button highlighted.

Please see our   How to Reset Invoke Cortana Speaker  post for detailed instructions on resetting this speaker to factory default settings. In short however, you press and hold the button until factory reset begins.  You know when this reset starts because the light pattern on the top of the speaker changes at that time.

Warning: Do not press and hold this button unless you know how to set up the speaker again.  For setup, you need the following…

  • The WiFi login info of a usable network for this speaker. Such a network should have internet access.
  • Then, you need a mobile device that can connect to the same WiFi network as the speaker.
  • Then, you ust have the Cortana app to run on the above stated mobile device.
  • Also, the Microsoft account to which the Invoke speaker is assigned, if it is in fact assigned.

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