Picture of the Ultimate Ears UE Wonderboom Bluetooth speaker, front view.

How to Charge UE Wonderboom

Covers how to charge the UE Wonderboom easily. Use the hidden micro USB charge port on the back of the unit, near the bottom. So here, we run through the charging instructions for this “big sounding” portable Bluetooth speaker.

In short, first select a powerful enough USB power adapter. Why? Because Logitech does not include this with the UE as a standard accessory. But you can buy one from them for roughly $20 US if you wish.

Then, connect a micro USB charge cord between the UE and that adapter. Then, plug that power supply into a working AC receptacle.

Finally after a few hours, your UE  Wonderboom fully recharges.  Then you can play it again for perhaps ten hours before it needs another charge.

How to Charge UE Wonderboom: Step by Step

1. Choose Right Size USB Adapter

First of all, we charge the UE with the iClever 24 watt dual port USB charger adapter, as shown next.  The speaker needs 5 volts at approximately 0.6 amps to charge fully in a reasonable amount of time.  So this iClever USB wall adapter is indeed strong enough to recharge the unit with lots of energy to spare.

Picture of the iClever IC-TC02 Two Port USB Wall Charger, showing the label side view.
iClever IC-TC02 Two Port USB Wall Charger, showing the label side view.

2. Open the Port Cover on the UE Wonderboom

Second, use a penny or a dime to pry open the waterproof seal port cover on the WB. This reveals the micro USB charging port inside, as shown next.

Picture of The UE Wonderboom back view. Showing the port door open and the micro USB charge port inside.
The UE Wonderboom back view. Showing the port door open and the micro USB charge port inside.

3. Power Off the Unit to Continue with How to Charge UE Wonderboom

Next, note that the UE still charges when running.  But depending on your charger, it may recharge slightly faster when turned OFF.

4. Plug in the Micro USB Cord to the Speaker

Then, plug the small end of your micro USB charge cable into the matching micro USB port. Find the port in the rear of this UE Wonderboom.

Picture of the charging cord connected.
The charging cord connected.

5. Plug the Other End of the USB Cord into the AC Adapter

Then, connect the A end of the USB charge cable to the power adapter. Furthermore, in this demo, we use an iClever 24 Watt 2.1 amp per port USB power adapter.  We also supply our own generic micro USB cable.

6. Plug the AC USB Power Adapter into a Live Wall Outlet to Continue with How to Charge UE Wonderboom 

Now that we connected the UE and charger, we plug the iClever into a working AC outlet, as shown next. In this demo, we plugged ours into a wall outlet in our kitchen.

Picture of the UE Wonderboom charging. Showing its -Power- button glowing.
The UE Wonderboom charging. Showing its -Power- button glowing.

The status lamp in the power button lights a fading and brightening white pattern when you supply enough USB power. While no battery status gauge shows percentage of charge, the pulsating white lamp means that charging is happening.  Then when the speaker is OFF, it goes out when charging completes.  If the UE is ON, this lamp starts glowing a solid white.

7. Let the Speaker Charge Until the the Power Lamp Stops Pulsating

Battery charging is complete when the gradually brightening and fading power lamp stops pulsating.

8. Unplug the USB Charge Cable

9. Fully Close the USB Port Door

Note that unless you snap this port door tightly into place, water could enter this area. Then this might damage the electronics inside the UE Wonderboom. So, be sure to press door closed with firm force to seat it, for full water resistance.

Picture of the power port door closed.
The closed power port door.

10. Done with How to Charge UE Wonderboom !

Finally, we have now fully charged this Bluetooth speaker.

At last, for best battery performance, repeat this recharging every ten hours of play time. This keeps the battery in top working order for months to come. Further, don’t let the battery stay dead for very long. Why?  Because if it remains dead for too long, it can stay that way even when you try to recharge it.

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