Picture of the Wonderboom 1 and Wonderboom 2 Speakers Side By Side

How to Connect to Wonderboom

Explains how to connect to Wonderboom from typical Bluetooth devices like Apple iOS and iPadOS devices. Similar directions work on Android as well.

So start with your speaker OFF (all dark LEDs). Then, follow along to connect to it.  In this demo, we show this on an iPad Air tablet.

How to Connect to Wonderboom: Step by Step

1. Visit the Home Screen on your Source Bluetooth Device

Firstly, press the Home button to get to the  Home   screen.  See our  Home  page as shown next.

2. Find the   Settings   App

We find ours on the second page of the  Home  screen. Most any mobile device these days has some sort of Settings app.  If yours does not, then follow the directions in its manual for connecting to a Bluetooth speaker.

Screenshot of an iPad Home page showing the -Settings- app.
An iPad Home screen showing the -Settings- app.

3. Bring up the Settings App

Tap the Settings app icon.

The mobile device then displays the first page of its  Settings  screen.

Screenshot of the -Settings- screen showing the -Bluetooth- item.
The -Settings- screen showing the -Bluetooth- item.

4. Go to the  Bluetooth Settings  Page to Continue with How to Connect to Wonderboom

Then tap the  Bluetooth  item.

Our  Bluetooth Settings screen then comes up. Note that our Bluetooth is ON here. But the Wonderboom is currently OFF. So it does not show in either the  My Devices  or  Other Devices lists yet.  Why?  Because we’ve not yet connected to it from this device before.  Plus, the Wonderboom is not yet transmitting its connection info.

Screenshot of the iOS iPad Air, showing previously paired Bluetooth devices list.
iPad Air tablet showing previously paired Bluetooth devices list.

5. Power On your Wonderboom 

Turn on the Wonderboom by rapidly pressing and releasing its  Power  button.

Picture of the Wonderboom powered OFF, top view. Showing the -Power- button.
The Wonderboom powered OFF, top view. Showing the -Power- button.

The speaker then powers UP.

Picture of the glowing -Power- button .
The glowing -Power- button .

6. Put your Wonderboom into Pairing Mode

Then, to see your Wonderboom on your mobile device, start up pairing / discovery mode. For that, press and release the Bluetooth button.

Picture of the -Bluetooth- button.
The -Bluetooth- button.

When you press this Pairing button, the speaker makes a distinctive sound a few times. Plus, a light in this button starts quickly blinking white. See this in the last picture above.

7. Find your Wonderboom on your Mobile Device

We found ours here.

Screenshot of the -Settings- page, showing the Wonderboom discovered.
The -Settings- page, showing the Wonderboom discovered.

8. Next, Connect to your Wonderboom 

Tap the listed speaker in the  Other Devices  section of the  Bluetooth Devices  list, shown above.

Then your mobile device then connects to the Wonderboom (appears as “WONDERBOOM” in this demo).

The  Bluetooth Settings  screen then changes to show something like the following.

Picture of the Wonderboom now in the -My Devices-  list.
The Wonderboom now in the -My Devices-  list.

Note that the Wonderboom speaker now appears as connected, as circled inside the green oval in the last picture.

9. Done with How to Connect to Wonderboom !

Finally, we have now connected our source device to the Wonderboom.  So now, Audio content from that device wnow plays on this speaker.

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