Picture of the Amazon Echo Dot gen 3 smart speaker along with its AC wall adapter.

How to Reset Echo Dot Speaker Assistant

The Echo Dot assistant speakers need a reset every now and then. This returns them to out-of-box, factory default settings. Resetting them also fixes many abnormal behaviors they might show. So here, we show how to reset Alexa Dot smart speakers. Why? Because it readies them for sale to another smart speaker fan. Both the original Alexa Dot as well as the 2nd Gen version are reset as follows.

Before you can reset any Dot speaker, no matter the generation, you must connect it to power.  So do that now, then proceed with the steps below. Wait for the light ring to either go completely out, or to settle into a flashing orange or purple pattern.

How to Reset Echo Dot 1

Picture of the Dot 1st generation speaker, front top view.
Showing the 1st Generation Dot , front top view.
  1. Press the Dot 1 reset button. Once the light ring goes dark or steady, use a paper clip end to press in and hold the Reset button. Keep pressing for five to ten seconds. Then, let it go when the light ring turns orange, and then blue.
  2. Wait for reset to finish. After a several-seconds pause, the light ring goes completely dark for a brief few seconds, and then turns orange.
  3. Reset now done. You have now restored your Dot 1st Generation speaker to its factory default settings. The speaker enters setup mode after a successful reset.
  4. Done !

How to Reset Echo Dot 2 

Reset Amazon Echo Dot: Picture of the Dot 2nd Gen speaker, out of box, with protective plastic removed. Ready for reset.
Showing the 2nd gen Dot speaker, out of box, with protective plastic removed. Ready for reset.
  1. Press Dot 2 reset button combo. See our Where is the Amazon Echo Dot Reset Button post, for details on how to find the reset button on the 1st and 2nd generation Echo Dot devices. At any rate, once the light ring goes black, press and hold the Mic Mute and Volume Down buttons. Press these at the same time for the same amount of time.
  2. Wait for hard reset to finish. After a several-seconds pause, the light ring again goes black for a brief pause, and then glows orange.
  3. Reset now finished. You have now successfully reset your smart speaker to its factory default settings. It has now entered setup mode.

How to Reset Echo Dot 3

Picture of the Echo Dot 3rd Gen speaker box, front view.
Echo Dot 3rd Gen speaker box, front view.
  1. Press and Hold the Action Button for 5 to 10 Seconds.  Press the   Action   button until the light ring turns orange.  You should also hear the smart speaker announce that it is entering setup mode.  On Echo Dot 3, the  Action  button doubles as the   Reset   button.
  2. Finally, What Happens After Reset?  Your Echo Dot 3rd Generation smart speaker is now restored to its factory default settings.  It also has entered   Setup   mode, with its light ring glowing a spinning orange-yellow pattern.
  3. Done !

Pack Up your Echo Dot to Sell, or Set it Up Again

You may now give your Dot someone else now.  Don’t fear that they’ll have access to the Alexa settings on your Amazon account. Or, you can set it up again on your existing account. But if selling, we suggest that you pack the speaker in its original carton. Do this for safest transport through the mail.  Then, pack the Echo box in another outer box for further safety.

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