Front right view of the JBL Charge 5 Bluetooth speaker.

How to Turn On Low Frequency on JBL Charge 5

Sadly, the normal way to up the low frequency response on the JBL Charge 5 does not work. And we know of no other way to switch to this mode. So Hopefully, JBL will re add this feature in a later version of the firmware.  This mode on other JBL speakers that support it, adds depth and fullness to the speaker’s sound characteristics.  So it’s quite handy for getting that little extra “umph” out of the speaker at dance parties.

But if this did work, it might operate as follows. It would be similar to how you access it on other speakers in the JBL Charge line. Now when ON, this mode would make the passive bass radiators vibrate smore.  Furthermore, low frequency would add a decidedly “thumpy” aspect to the program. Thus this makes this speaker sound much bigger than it really is.

How to Turn On Low Frequency on the JBL Charge 5

First off, by default, this Bluetooth speaker has low frequency turned on.  Furthermore, if this worked, then low frequency would also add more treble and extra bass to the output.

The Charge 5 speaker, top view, showing the -Volume Down- and -Bluetooth- buttons.
The Charge 5 speaker, top view, showing the -Volume Down- and -Bluetooth- buttons.

You could also reverse this, and turn low frequency off by pressing and releasing the same keys shown above.


    1. Speaker firmware version for this test:

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