Picture of a 24 ounce bottle of Soft Scrub Cleanser with Bleach.

Soft Scrub Antibacterial Cleanser Review

We’ve used the various versions of   Soft Scrub Antibacterial Cleanser   for some years, and have found it the versatile, effective but not terribly abrasive antibacterial liquid cleanser.

Soft Scrub Antibacterial Cleanser Review

Here are our detailed thoughts about this handy household cleaning product.

Picture of a 24 ounce bottle of Soft Scrub Cleanser with Bleach.
Soft Scrub Cleanser with Bleach, 24 ounce bottle, front view.

Benefits, Features, Advantages, and Pros of Soft Scrub Antibacterial Cleanser Cleaner

Not Too “Bleachy” Smelling

Has a gentle but not overpowering aroma (though it has a hint of a bleach smell that’s a bit stronger than the Soft Scrub without the bleach).  Still though, you need not open windows or turn on exhaust fans while using it in small spaces like my little bathroom.

Aroma Dissipates Quickly

Plus, the scent does not linger.  Soon after you rinse this cleanser down the drain, its smell disappears as well.

Great for Removing Gunky Commode Bowl Stains and Rust

We most use this Soft Scrub product in bathrooms for removing soap scum and hard water deposits from bathtubs, sinks, and occasionally, the toilet whenever a stubborn spot appears in the bowl.  It’s also great in the kitchen for removing stubborn counter top tea and coffee stains, scouring the sink, and cleaning stoves.

Soft Scrub Antibacterial Cleanser is an Excellent Disinfectant

Works particularly well at removing the most common bathroom dirt and scum as well as disinfects those surfaces.

Great Bathtub Cleaner

Hard on soap scum. But soft on plastic and fiberglass surfaces.

Does not Scratch Most Surfaces

We’ve never scratched any bathroom or kitchen surface with Soft Scrub antibacterial cleanser cleaner.  It has indeed well cleaned almost every surface we spread it on.

Rags and Sponges.

Works just as well when applied with a rag as it does when applied with a sponge.

Soft Scrub Antibacterial Cleanser Rinses Clean

Flushes away completely, although not always quickly, depending on how much you applied. The fine, gritty stuff in this cleaner needs lots of water to completely rinse down the drain.

Recyclable Plastic Bottle

Just rinse thoroughly inside and out, prior to depositing in the recycling bin.

Sold Almost Everywhere

Is very easy to find in just about any grocery or home improvement store.

Cheap to Buy

Haven’t bought it lately however, as we have many bottles of it around.  But Soft Scrub costs no more than several to six dollars per bottle.  Plus, it lasts a long time.  We get at least ten bathroom cleanings out of it.

Soft Scrub Antibacterial Cleanser Contains Clorox Bleach

We like that they put a little bleach into this product to strengthen its disinfectant qualities. The bleach also increases its cleaning power as a cleanser.  It’s the bleach that makes this product anti bacterial and disinfecting, and further strengthens its stain-removing powers.

Picture of the back label on a 24 ounce bottle of Soft Scrub Cleanser with Bleach.
Soft Scrub Cleanser with Bleach, 24 ounce bottle, back view.

Disadvantages, Cons, Limitations, Problems, and Concerns of Soft Scrub Antibacterial Cleanser

Can Indeed Scratch  

It does scratch if you rub too hard while cleaning certain surfaces.  So, rub as gently as you can, and test the surfaces that you’re cleaning beforehand, in a non conspicuous location on said surfaces, to get a feel for how much this cleaner will scratch.

Bleach can Discolor Clothing and Surfaces

Be careful not to drop this cleaner on your clothing or other delicate non color fast surfaces, as it could cause color fading at the points of contact.

Hard on Sensitive Skin

Be sure to wear protective gloves when working with this product.

Our Rating for Soft Scrub Antibacterial Cleanser

In sum: We like this cleansing cleaner, and would thus, highly recommend it to anyone wanting to do a thorough job of cleaning their kitchen and / or bathroom.  I’d rate this version of Soft Scrub at 96 out of 100.

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Where To Buy Soft Scrub Antibacterial Cleanser 

Look for this product in the white plastic bottle with the green label with yellow lettering at Walmart, Giant Eagle, Hometown Market, Weis, Lowe’s, or any larger grocery shop or home improvement center.

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