How to Charge Sony SRS XB01

This piece covers how to charge the Sony SRS XB01. Do this easily through the micro USB power in port, shown in the pictures below. Note that you can still play your XB01 as it charges, without increasing the recharge time by very much. First, pick a strong enough USB power adapter, as no charger … Continue reading How to Charge Sony SRS XB01

SRS XB01 Pairing Instructions

This post gives pairing instructions for the SRS XB01 mini speaker with common portable devices. E.g. TheseĀ  include the iPhone, iPod Touch, and the iPad line of Apple phones, media players, and tablets. SRS XB01 Pairing Instructions, Step by Step With your SRS XB01 powered OFF (power button is dark), run through these directions to … Continue reading SRS XB01 Pairing Instructions