Picture of the Sony SRS XB01 speaker, connected and charging.

How to Charge Sony SRS XB01

This piece covers how to charge the Sony SRS XB01. Do this easily through the micro USB power in port, shown in the pictures below. Note that you can still play your XB01 as it charges, without increasing the recharge time by very much.

First, pick a strong enough USB power adapter, as no charger comes with the Sony SRS XB01.  Next, connect a medium current USB cable (one that easily handles 1.0 amps) between the speaker and that adapter (the speaker comes with a short micro USB to USB-A cord). Then, plug the charger into a working wall outlet. Finally, after three hours or so, your XB01 finishes recharging.  So it’s ready to play once more for up to six (6) hours before needing another recharge.

How to Charge Sony SRS XB01, Step by Step

1. Choose Correct Size AC or Car Adapter

The charger you use should provide 5 volts and at least 0.5 amps (2.5 watts). So here, we use the Key Power model HDD15-3-PD USB charging station.  Now as mentioned, this speaker needs roughly a half an amp of current to recharge fully in the shortest time.  So this charger supplies way more than enough capacity to do the job.

2. Power OFF the Unit

Note that the SRSXB01 still charges when powered ON.  But depending on how much above-and-beyond recharging headroom that your charger supplies, the speaker might charge a little faster when turned OFF.

3. Plug the Micro USB Cord into the Speaker

First, open the water resistant port door.

Picture of the micro USB DC power input port on the Sony SRS XB01 speaker.
The micro USB DC power input port on the Sony SRS XB01 speaker.

Then, plug the small end of the cable into the port on the back of the speaker, as we see in the next shot.

Picture of a micro USB charging cord inserted into the speaker's DC input port.
A micro USB charging cord inserted into the XB01’s DC input port.

4. Plug the Other End of the Cable into your Charger Adapter to Continue with How to Charge Sony SRS XB01

Next, connect the large end of the cord to the AC or car adapter.

5. Plug the USB Adapter into a Working Wall Receptacle

Now that we connected the XB01 and our adapter, we then plug the mains end of the adapter into a working AC outlet, as we show next. We plugged ours into a surge protecting power strip.

Picture of the Sony SRS XB01 connected and charging.
The Sony SRS XB01 connected and charging.

The status lamp lights up solid orange on the speaker. And while no battery status gauge shows percentage of charge, the glowing CHARGE lamp means that charging is occurring, as shown next.

Picture of the -CHARGE- light glowing.
The -CHARGE- light glowing.

6. Let the XB01 Charge Until the Orange CHARGE Light Goes Out

Full battery charging is complete when the solid glowing status lamp on the top front of the speaker turns off, as shown next.

A dark -CHARGE- light on the Sony SRS XB01 speaker.
The Sony SRS XB01 showing a dark -CHARGE- lamp.

7. Unplug the Micro USB Cord from the Unit

Also, close the port cap to maintain water resistance.

8. Done with How to Charge Sony SRS XB01 !

We have now fully charged this wireless speaker.

Finally, repeat this recharging every twelve hours of play, to keep the battery in top condition for years.

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