Picture of the Amazon Alexa Dot 2nd Gen with adapter and USB cable.

Amazon Gen 2 Dot Bluetooth Speaker Reset Instructions

You may wish to reset Amazon Dot Bluetooth speaker because perhaps you are unable to discover it from other Bluetooth devices. Or perhaps it’s playing in a stuttering, broken-up way.

Sometimes the connection information stored inside the Dot can become corrupt, and a factory reset is the only way to restore it to a known-good state.  Indeed, resetting the Amazon Dot often clears Bluetooth connection issues.  So, to that end, in order to reset your Dot to factory default condition, perform the following steps.  Resetting not only clears any problematic Bluetooth connection data, but it also unlinks the Dot from its current Amazon Alexa account, and assures that it forgets its current Wi-Fi connection information.  So be warned that after the reset, your Dot will not work until it’s been properly set up again.

Picture of the Amazon Echo Dot Gen 2 in Setup Mode, after factory reset, showing Light Ring with orange blip circling.
Echo Dot Gen 2 in Setup Mode, after factory reset, showing Light Ring with orange blip circling.

Amazon Gen 2 Dot Bluetooth Speaker Reset Instructions

Note that factory reset of the Echo Dot 1 and Echo Dot 2 devices is essentially the same procedure; just the location of the reset button on each is different.

1. Connect to Power

Connect the Echo Dot to its USB power adapter.  The light ring will illuminate blue for a time, and then go out, indicating that boot up has completed.

2. Press the Gen 2 Dot Reset Button

See our  Where is the Echo Dot Reset Button  post, for details on how to find the reset button on the 1st and 2nd generation Echo Dot devices.  Anyway, once the light ring goes completely dark, for the Echo Dot 1, use a straightened paper clip to press and hold the recessed Reset button for approximately five to ten seconds, until the light ring turns orange, and then blue.  For the Dot 2, press and hold the Mic Mute and Volume Down buttons simultaneously for the same amount of time.

3. Wait for Hard Reset to Finish

After a several-seconds pause, the light ring goes completely dark for a few seconds, and then turns orange.

4. Reset is Now Finished

Your Echo Dot speaker has now been reset to its factory default settings and has entered setup mode.

5. Set Up Again, or Pack Up

You may now unplug, pack, and give your Echo Dot to someone else without fear that they’ll have access to the Alexa settings on your personal Amazon account.  Those prior values have now been erased from the your Echo Dot.  Or, you can set it up once again on your existing account. Once the light ring turns orange, the unit remains in setup mode until someone executes the published setup procedure.  The Echo Dot will not function until properly set up and linked to an Amazon account.

6. Done!

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