iWorld iPhone iPod Wall Charger Review

We purchased several of the   iWorld iPhone iPod Wall Charger   units a couple years back because we do a lot of iPod listening, that is spread across several iPod Nanos and iPod Touches.

So we’ve always got at least one (and sometimes, two) iPods charging.  Back when we possessed just a single iPod wall charger, being stuck with only dead iPods, should the one AC charger fail, was a concern.  Yet until this iWorld wall charger came along in the fall of 2011, we could not justify owning more than one iPod AC adapter, as the prices per copy tended to be significantly higher (between $16 and $25).  But with the advent of this charger, our price concerns lessened enough that we bought four of them.  At less than $5 apiece, this iPod doc wall charger fills the bill for an affordable yet decent-quality piece of electronics.  Additionally, losing this charger is of little concern, given its low cost.

Picture of the iWorld iPhone iPod Wall Charger, removed from its packaging.
iWorld iPhone iPod Wall Charger, removed from its packaging.

Benefits, Pros, Features, and Advantages

Very affordable.  The iWorld Wall Charger costs way less than comparable AC adapters (one third as much typically).

Equivalent charging.  This lightweight charger charges iPods just as quickly and fully as the iPod stock charger,

Doubles as a nightlight.  A blue pilot lamp is included, that clearly shows when power is applied to this device.

Standard Apple docking connector.  The supplied dock connector appears to be of the same good quality as the one on the original Apple stock iPod charger.

Never grows too hot.  While this wall charger becomes lukewarm during the earlier stages of each charge cycle, it never becomes dangerously hot; not even close to that.  It appears that the components inside were chosen well to easily handle the 500 MA maximum current draw of an iPod or iPhone without much heating at all.  A nicely designed iPod accessory therefore.

Durable cord.  The integrated cable between the “wall wart” switching power supply part and the dock connector seems as well-constructed as that on my original Apple charger.  It’s flexible yet sturdy.

Strain relief. Strain relief sleeves are also provided at both ends of the cable on the iWorld iPhone iPod Wall Charger.  So failure of the cable due to repeated flexing is far less likely to occur through normal usage.

Cheap enough to buy two.  Given the price of this charger accessory and how popular the iPods and iPhones are these days, you almost can’t go wrong by gifting one of these to friends and family.  These iWorld adapters are cheap and highly useful indeed.

Disadvantages, Cons, Problems, and Limitations

Pilot lamp too bright for just a power-on indicator.  While we like the color of blue that the pilot lamp on this iWorld Charger emits, the lamp runs nonetheless, too brightly.  In the direction it’s aiming, this power indicator LED glows more brightly than many night lights.  So running this home charger in a bedroom at night can interfere with sleep, even if the blue light is not shining directly at the bed’s occupant.  But then again, seeing the glass as half-full here, this wall charger could also double as a great night light in appropriate situations.  So just be aware that the pilot lamp on this charger is quite bright.  You can decide whether or not you like it.  *smile*  It’s never difficult to find in the dark.

Questionable lamp selection.  Further, the excessive brightness may not have been intentional, as these lamps have burned out or become intermittent on two of the four of these AC adapters, after only just a couple weeks of ownership.  Perhaps the design of these units exceeds the current levels of the LED lamps used.

Not widely available in our area.  We’ve only seen the iWorld line of equipment at Gabriel Brothers discount store.  Hopefully some of the bigger retail chains will begin selling, for the same price as Gabe’s.

Cord is too short and non replaceable.  The cable is only 44 inches long.  We prefer at least a six-foot cable for accessory chargers.  Nor can it easily be replaced with a longer cord.  But this is not a major inconvenience.  For as little as this charger costs, we can live with the pigtail length supply cable.

Error messages display sometimes.  Occasionally when charging a 64GB iPod Touch with this accessory, we get an error message stating that this charger is not authorized to charge the iPod.  But this typically only happens once the Touch has fully charged, and we never see this when charging any of our iPod Nanos.  The message appears not to impact charging.  Full charge is always achieved, in spite of this error.

RF shock is possible.  Immediately upon unplugging this unit from the AC wall outlet, do not touch the power prongs until the blue light goes out entirely.  If you do not wait, you could receive a painful RF shock, as the high frequency switching oscilator continues to run for a couple seconds after disconnection.  They should design this system so that this oscillator dies out immediately upon removal from the AC outlet.

The cable is not removable.  Therefore, this charger can only charge devices that feature the Apple iPod doc connector.  Though electrically it is roughly equivalent to USB, due to the proprietary connector, this adaptor cannot function as a USB charger.  So, by no means is it universal.

Only single-device charging.  Plus, this supply can only charge one device at a time; a big limitation in today’s digitized mobile device landscape.

Does not charge ALL iPods.  Does not fit the iPod Shuffle, later iPods, iPads, and iPhones, that utilize Apple’s lightening connector instead of the classic dock one.

Can get a bit noisy.  Sometimes emits a high-pitched, “hashy” whistle during mp3 player charging.  Not really very loud, but the hash at times sounds like frying bacon, and may make the user think that this charger is burning up.

Rating For The iWorld iPhone iPod Wall Charger

We’re pleased with the apparent quality and low price of the iWorld iPhone iPod Wall charger and would recommend to any iPod Nano, iPod Touch, or iPhone user to go out and buy a couple of these so you have some nearby for backup, just in case your primary charger stops working.  However, I’m subtracting some points due to the charging error I get now and then, and that I’ve described above.  So I’d rate this accessory charger at 87 out of 100.

Where To Buy The iWorld iPhone iPod Wall Charger

Look for this iWorld accessory in the clear plastic case with white and blue labeling at Gabriel Brothers lots store.  It’s a great investment for your older iPod, iPad, and iPhone equipment.

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