Picture of the Echo Dot 3rd Gen speaker box, front view.

Echo Dot Reset Instructions

We list our posts that offer how Echo Dot reset works for the Amazon Alexa smart speakers of all generations when gifting or selling the unit. First, they show master reset button locations and describe various resetting procedures unique to each smart speaker.  Then, they discuss when to reset, what resetting means, and offer tips on how to restore the speaker to working order after a reset.  Finally, each post links to other posts on our site related to the subject speaker.

Echo Dot Reset Instructions Posts

Resetting Echo Dot, All Models Posts

First, this group of posts each cover the reset topic for all models of this smart Alexa speaker.  They offer general info that applies to every one of them.

Further, note that resetting and Echo Dot takes it offline in the Alexa app, although you can still see it listed there.  Thus, resetting does not delete the speaker from the Alexa app.  So if you’re selling it, be sure to, in addition to resetting the speaker, remove it from your Amazom account via the Alexa app.

Finally, if you have no access to the Alexa app, you can deregister the Echo Dot from your Amazon account via the Amazon website at https://alexa.amazon.com/  .   Explicitly, log in there with your Amazon account ID and password, visit your devices list, find the entry for the Echo Dot you’re selling, and follow the screen instructions to delete it.

Next we cover resetting the Echo Dot Gen 1 speaker.  This is the original model of the Echo Dot speaker.

Reset Echo Dot 1st Generation, How To Do It

The first model of the Dot Echo smart speaker is the only model of the bunch that features a physical reset button near the back bottom panel.

Picture of the Amazon Echo Dot 1st Generation, Front Top View.
Amazon Echo Dot 1st Generation, Front Top View

Following, we link to posts that detail resetting the Echo Dot Gen 2 Alexa speaker.

Reset Echo Dot 2nd Generation Help Links

Note that the Amazon Echo Dot Two speaker has no button dedicated to resetting it.  Therefore on this model, you press a button combo to start the resetting process.

Picture of the Amazon Echo Dot Gen 2 in Setup Mode, showing Light Ring with orange blip circling.
Amazon Echo Dot Gen 2 in Setup Mode, showing Light Ring with orange blip circling.

Furthermore, here are links following for resetting Echo Dot 3 gen Amazon speaker.

Reset Echo Dot 3rd Generation Help Links

While this 3rd generation of the Alexa Dot speaker has no labeled reset button, it does have a single button that, when pressed and held in for a few seconds, resets the speaker to its factory default state. Read the following posts for details.

Picture of the Amazon Echo Dot gen 3 smart speaker along with its AC wall adapter.
Amazon Echo Dot gen 3 smart speaker along with its AC wall adapter.

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