Picture of the Echo Dot 2 speaker, top view. The light ring shows volume set at half.

How to Reboot Alexa Echo Dot Smart Speakers

We show here how to reboot an Alexa Echo Dot series smart speaker if it behaves strangely, stops answering commands and questions, puts out unusual sounds, and so on.  And since Alexa speaker rebooting is so easy, then before getting into any pro level troubleshooting, always try a speaker reboot first. This often straightens out many problems such as WiFi linking issues.

Plus, a simple reboot may avoid the perhaps unnecessary effort of master resetting your speaker.  Avoiding that hardship is helpful because If you reset, then you’ll need to set up  your speaker again.  So rebooting first is a time-saving step, especially if it fixes the problems you’re trying to solve, without erasing any settings or account information that a full reset does.

How to Reboot Alexa Echo Dot

We demonstrate this on the Alexa Echo Dot 3 model.

  1. Unplug the Unit fromPower

If you’re near the speaker, you can just unplug it from AC.

2. Then Wait a Quarter Minute

Pause for ten seconds or so while the speaker’s RAM memory settles down and the system completely powers OFF.

3. Next, Power the Speaker Back Up Again to Continue with How to Reboot an Alexa Echo Dot

Then plug the speaker back in again to mains power.

Top view picture of an Alexa Echo Dot speaker as it boots.
Top view of an Alexa Echo Dot speaker as it boots.

4. Wait for the Unit to Finish Booting

The speaker completes rebooting in less than a minute, and you’ll know when it’s finished when the light ring goes completely dark, as shown next.

Picture of the top view of the speaker, showing all its buttons, and the light ring OFF. How to Reboot Alexa Echo Dot.
Top view of the speaker, showing all its buttons, and the light ring OFF.

5. Test Out the Alexa Echo Dot

Once the speaker shows as online in the Alexa app and the light ring goes out, reboot has finished successfully, and you can try some commands and questions.

6. Done with How to Reboot an Alexa Echo Dot Assistant 

Hopefully, rebooting heals any issues you had.  If not though, then you could try more involved steps. E.g. Like factory resetting your speaker, and then setting it up again as though it was fresh out of the box.  See our links in the sections below for details on how to take those more drastic measures.  Good luck.

How to Reboot the Alexa Echo Dot Remotely

We know of no way to accomplish remote rebooting of this speaker at this time.

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